OP Auto Clicker CPS Test – Check No.Of Clicks Per Second

Auto Clicker CPS Test is something that everyone is curious about. It will help you determine the number of clicks per second that you can get by using the auto clicker. Having said that, we are going to show you the results that we have got while testing clicks per second using OP Auto Clicker.

We know the fact that there are several online tools available for testing the number of clicks per second. They will show you the total number clicks that you have clicked in a given time.

On the other hand, it will display the clicks per second results there by you can estimate how fast you can click. It all requires manual work, isn’t it? let’s now conduct auto clicker cps test yourself by following the below guidelines.

What Are The Outcomes Of Auto Clicker CPS Test?

The auto clicker clicks for second test allows you determine how fast you can click with the help of the auto clicker.

That will help you understand what is the rate of clicks that you are going to get from a selected auto clicker. We have tested multiple auto clickers and decided to show the results of the op auto clicker cps test results in this article.

How To Perform Auto Clicker CPS Test?

In order to conduct an online cps test the auto clicker, follow the below steps.

  • Download OP Auto Clicker and Install it on your pc.
  • Launch OP Auto Clicker on your windows pc.
  • Go to https://cpstest.tools/ website on your personal computer using a browser.
  • Enter the click interval settings; 0 hours, 0 mins, 0 secs, 100 milliseconds.

op auto clicker cps test

  • Choose Left Mouse Button and Single Click Type.
  • Select “Repeat Until Stopped” option under click repeat settings.
  • Select “Current Location” for Cursor Postion.
  • Hit “Fn+F6” key on your keyboard and move the cursor onto to click pad on cpstest.tools website.
  • Once you are done clicking on the pad for 5 seconds, press “Fn+F6” key to stop the auto clicker.

auto clicker cps test

  • So, you have to 13.4 clicks per second with the op auto clicker when you put 100 milliseconds as the click interval.
  • Change the click interval to 20 milliseconds and test it again.

auto clicker clicks per second test

  • You will get the 21.4 clicks per second with our auto clicker this time. You can increase the timer to 8 seconds or so, to test in the different time frames.
  • Let’s now test the clicks per second by keeping the click interval to “0” milliseconds.

op auto clicker clicks per second test

  • The results are mind blowing literally. This time you have got 45 clicks per second with 0 milliseconds as your click interval.

You Can Conduct CPS Test With The Below Tools Also:

This means that you need to vary the click interval in the milliseconds to get the desired clicks per second. In order to get the max speed for the clicks, it is recommended to keep 0 milliseconds as your click interval. Do not forget to check out the Best Settings for Auto Clicker to get fastest and accurate clicks for playing games.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Auto Clicker Clicks The Fastest?

There are currently two fastest auto clickers available by the names Speed Auto Clicker and OP Auto Clicker. Out of those two, speed autoclicker is way more faster than the later.

How Many Clicks Auto Clicker Can Produce?

There is no limit in terms of number of clicks that an auto clicker app can produce. Of course! you can set the number or go with "Repeat Until Stopped" option to receive unlimited number of clicks for games and other tasks.

How Fast Is The World’s Fastest Auto Clicker?

The extreme fast auto clicker known as Speed Auto Clicker can produce upto 50,000 clicks per second. Of course! it's not recommended to use the maximum threshold of clicks because some pcs may not be able to handle the job.

What Is The Manual Average Clicks Per Second?

The average clicks per second according to some data is 6.69 cps. World's highest cps is around 14.1 according to google when clicked by a person manually.

How Do I Know My CPS?

Visit any cps tester websites such as cpstest.tools and set the 5 seconds timer in the tool and initiate your auto clicker with the fastest settings. Once the test is finished, you will be able to see your CPS rate.

How Can I Click Faster CPS?

You may use your mobile device to click continously on the surface to get better cps rate than in the laptops and computers. Otherwise, use some auto clicking software and sit calm.

How Do I Make My Mouse Click Forever?

There is no such manual method invented as of today. In case if you want continouse clicks until you stop it, there are some tools to do that. Make sure to select "Repeat Until Stopped" or "Unlimited" option is selected in the app.

Can Clicking Too Much Damage Mouse?

Of course! every mouse will have a life expectency based on the kind of switches and hardware used to build the mouse. Extensive clicking of mouse buttons will definitely damage it and may reduce it's life span for sure.

How Many CPS I Have?

To calculate your cps rate, let's first go to cpstest.tools website and perform the clicking for 5 seconds. Once it's done, count the total number of clicks in the 5 seconds period. Finally the CPS rate would would be total number of clicks / total time (in seconds) = average cps per second.

Is 7 CPS Good?

It's good for some acurrate aiming because it's a slow click rate. But it's also bad for some action games where you have to focus on the opponent and burst the clicks to destroy them.

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