Download Auto Clicker for Cookie Clicker Game [Best Guide]

Cookie Clicker is played by millions of gamers to increase cookie production in the game. It has various levels in which the user have to click the big cookie and that’s the job that every gamer should go through, while playing. Cookie production depends upon how fast you can click and produce the small cookies. Since it is highly difficult to click with hand, lot of gamers are using Auto Clicker for Cookie Clicker Game.

If you are also looking for a good change that gets you unlimited cookies with minimal efforts, you can also do it with the OP Auto Clicker. In fact, there are multiple free auto clickers available on our blog. But, in this article, we are going to allow you download the best cookie clicker auto clicker software.

Overview Of Cookie Clicker Gameplay

Here is a step by step tutorial about the gameplay of the cookie clicker game. Let’s first understand how the game works and what the player has to do in the game before you get started with an auto clicker.

  • It is an Idle Game in which the user won’t have a gaming character just like in the role playing games such as Roblox and WOW and Minecraft.
  • The user have to gain / earn cookies by clicking on the big cookie as part of the game.
  • While clicking on the big cookie, the user gains / earns small cookies and the user can see the total number of earned cookies on the right hand side of the gaming window.
  • With the earned cookies, the user can buy / purchase some special skills, tools to be able to earn more cookies by making use of the advanced tools.
  • The tools and upgrades are nothing but a Big Cursor, Grandmas, Factories, Banks, Farms and Mines, etc.
  • By going forward in the games by chasing down the advanced levels, the user will be able to earn more and more cookies.
  • On the other hand, the user can buy whatever they want to better their gameplay. But the user needs to note that buying some advanced tools and upgrades cost them extra 15% going forward.
  • At the bottom of the gaming window, the user can see their progress and some advanced tools and levels getting unlocked.
  • If a user wants to save the progress of their game, he / she can save the game by going to the Options button. Once the game is saved, the user will be given a code and he / she must keep it safe.
  • Whenever a user wants to resume their game from where it was stopped, he / she have to go to Options section and click on Import Save option and finally paste the code there.

That is all you need to know about the Cookie Clicker game. Did you notice one important thing? the user needs to click on the big cookie to earn the small cookies and can buy upgrades and special tools by spending the earned cookies.

If the user is able to click faster, he/she will be able to earn more cookies in a short span of time. Since it is quite hard to click faster continuously, you can make use of an auto clicker to play cookie clicker game.

Download Auto Clickers For Cookie Clicker Game

We have tested almost all the available auto clickers with the cookie clicker game. Came to a conclusion that I should share only the best software with my readers. Let’s go ahead and download the software and then, you can go through the basic settings and tweaks around each software to play cookie clicker game.

   OP Auto Clicker (Windows)

   OP Auto Clicker (Android)

   OP Auto Clicker (iOS)

   Mahdi Auto Clicker (Mac)

         GS Auto Clicker

   Uncanny Extension (Chrome OS)

You can download any auto clicker for cookie clicker game based on your operating system. Once you are ready, you can follow the steps shared below in order to play cookie clicker using op auto clicker.

Guides To Play Your Favorite Games:

How To Play Cookie Clicker Using Auto Clicker Chrome Extension?

Let’s first talk about the web version of the game and the auto clicker chrome extension. Read the detailed instructions provided below in order to be able to play the web version of the game on any device.

web version of cookie clicker auto clicker

  • Now, you will be able to see a big cookie on the left hand side of the screen. You can refer the above image for more information on the UI of the game.
  • Click on the cookie to earn a cook of your Righteous Chip’s Bakery. You will get as many cookies as you can click and the count will be shown as “372 cookies” and so on.
  • Keep on clicking on the big cookie to gain the points and to be able to unlock various assets such as farms, factories, mines, grandmas, cursors, banks, lands, properties, etc.
  • I know that it will be a tough job to click manually with your hand, that’s why we are going to introduce you the tool named “Uncanny Cookie Clicker”.
  • Go to the download page of uncanny cookie clicker from the chrome’s web store. Hit “Add To Chrome” Option now.

cookie clicker auto clicker extension download

  • As soon as you click that button, you will see a small popup from the browser, as shown below.

add the extension to chrome browser

  • Tap “Add extension” button and wait for a few seconds.

cookie clicker extension is added to chrome

  • Now, you will get a notification saying that the chrome extension to play cookie clicker game has been added.
  • Now, you need to pin the extension to the toolbar. For that, click on the “Doc” kind of an icon from the top right hand side of the browser’s toolbar.

pin the extension to chrome

  • Now, click on that Pin button which is available besides the “Uncanny Cookie Clicker”. That extension will now be added to the taskbar of your browser.

extension is now available in the toolbar

  • Click on the extension’s icon to launch it’s options when the game is opened up on your browser.

cookie clicker auto clicker options

  • Select the first option “Auto Click” under “Big Cookie” menu and notice the clicks on the cookie left hand side.
  • You can go around each feature of the uncanny cookie auto clicker extension to explore more options.

How To Play Cookie Clicker Using OP Auto Clicker?

Let’s now check out the traditional method by following which you can play the cookie clicker game.

  • In order to be able to play cookie clicker game, you should have downloaded the op auto clicker on your pc.
  • Don’t worry, go to OP Auto Clicker Download Page and download the latest version.
  • Once it is downloaded, launch the software and set it up. Just double click the software to launch it and you don’t have to install it traditionally.

op auto clicker cookie clicker game

  • Make sure that you don’t change the default settings of the auto clicker at first. But cross check that you have 100 milliseconds as your click interval and “Current Location” for the Cursor Position.
  • Now, launch the game on your web browser by going to the official website of cookie clicker.
  • Place your cursor on the big cookie which is one the left hand side of the screen.
  • Hit “Fn+F6” key to start the auto clicker’s click activity on the location where you kept your cursor.
  • Once you do that, you can notice the clicks getting placed on the big cookie.

play cookie clicker with op auto clicker

  • If you want to have speed clicking on the cookie, you can check out the detailed post that we have written on Auto Clicker Best Settings.
  • Additionally, you can change the 100 milliseconds to 50, 20 and 10 milliseconds to get faster clicks from our auto clicker.

This is how you can actually play cookie clicker with auto clicker on your pc or chromebook. The process can be followed on macbook and linux as well. In case if you would like to play cookie clicker on mac, you can use Mahdi Auto Clicker. You can also Play Roblox with OP Auto Clicker by following the same method.

How To Play Cookie Clicker With Auto Clicker on Android?

Let’s say if you want to play cookie clicker on android with auto clicker. Then, you should first download cookie clicker game from the play store.

And, you should install the auto clicker on android. Then only, you can start playing it on your android device. Because the chrome extension won’t work and auto clicker pc edition also don’t work on android devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Auto Clicker for Cookie Clicker?

Yes! you can use auto clicker app to play cookie clicker game without any restrictions such as bans (soft / temporary / permanent).

Can Cookie Clicker Detect Auto Clicker?

No! it cannot and it won't detect the auto clickers. Because, the main purpose of the game is clicking on the big cookie to gain golden cookies there by purchasing tools and stuff. The faster you can click either manually or with auto clicker, the easier you finish the levels in the game.

Will Cookie Clicker Ever End If Played With Auto Clicker?

No! it has no end even though you play it with an auto clicker app.

Can I Use Two Or More Auto Clickers To Play Cookie Clicker?

Actually, you can use two or more auto clickers but remember, that might cause a glitch in placing the clicks. Because, there are high chances for the duplicate clicks at the same time and at different locations. So, it's not recommended to use multiple auto clickers at a time.

Is There Any Auto Clicker for Browser to Play Cookie Clicker?

Yes! we have shared a wonderful browser extension that is only designed for games like Cookie Clicker browser version. You can download that and start playing the online version of cookie clicker on your web browser.

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