Auto Mouse Clicker (AMC) – An App To Simulate Mouse Clicks

We have seen so many auto clickers so far and listed down all of them in our blog section. Here is another great tool called “Auto Mouse Clicker” for your windows based pcs. The name of the app tells us everything about it’s functionality. It can automate your mouse completely and allows you place virtual clicks from left, right and middle mouse buttons to play various games and carry out different kind of tasks very easily.

Auto Mouse Clicker is a fast auto clicker but it is not at all better than Speed Auto Clicker which is an extremely fast auto clicker. But still, it can do the job for you automatically. Check out the features mentioned below and then, you can proceed to download it on your pc.

auto mouse clicker

Features Of AMC – Auto Mouse Clicker

  • Cursor Position – the users can enter coordinates for the cursor position for X axis and Y axis.
  • Type Of Clicks – the users can select left mouse button or right mouse button or middle mouse button for the clicks.
  • Minimal Time – the users can enter the minimal click time for the click interval in order to start producing the clicks from the selected mouse button.
  • Maximum Time – the users can also enter the maximum click interval time to make the flow of the clicks natural.
  • Loops – The amc auto clicker allows you set number of loops so that, it can repeat the mouse action indefinitely.

Those are the features that you will get with the amc auto clicker. If you have gone through the above features, you may find the download link below, using which you can download the latest version to your pc.

Download Auto Mouse Clicker for Windows PCs [All Versions]

It is developed and maintained by “Jerzol” and the tool is readily available on the sourceforge website. Here is the developer’s email id to which you can send some buck if you like their work. Since you have come to this page, you can download it from here too. Let’s download it and then see the procedure for installing it.

      Download It Here

It is not a standalone software so, you need to follow the procedure. Don’t worry, you are not at all alone, we have shared the steps below. Despite having some interesting features, the User Interface is not very interesting. In case if you want to go with an auto clicker which has some great features, below are the right choices I guess.

How To Install / Use Auto Mouse Clicker On Your PC?

  • Go to the destination folder “Downloads” or “Desktop” and double click the software.

install amc auto clicker on pc

  • Hit the button which is highlighted. The button is nothing but the “Install” button but it’s not in the english language.
  • Tap “Next” button in the next screen so that you can go forward in the installation process.

auto mouse clicker for pc

  • Finish the installation process by following the on-screen instructions.

Once it is installed, you can use the desktop shortcut to launch it. Select the shortcut and double click the same to launch it. Once it is launched, you can setup the auto mouse clicker in order to get the automated clicks. If you are not happy with it, you can try out the Auto Key Clicker and Forge Auto Clicker on your windows pc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Auto Mouse Clicker?

Auto Mouse Clicker is also known as AMC Clicker which is used to simulate the mouse clicks on a windows pc.

Is AMC Clicker Free?

Yes, it is a free software using which you can automate various tasks with automatic mouse clicks and key presses.

How To Create A Macro In Auto MouseClicker?

Launch the application on your windows pc and head over to the "Project" section where you will be able to see various tools and sections. Configure the settings above the fold and add them to the project and save it as a project to save the macro.

Is AMC Available for MacOS?

No! it is currently available for windows operating system only. The mac version might get released sooner or later.

Which Language The Auto MouseClicker Is Available In?

The default language is English but it supports various langauges such as De, Fr, It, Id, etc., because it's a multi lingual program created for all language speaking people.

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