AutoMouser – An Underrated Auto Clicker for Windows PCs

AutoMouser is yet another auto clicker option for the windows users. It has a couple of unique features using which, you can automate your keyboard and mouse. Auto incremented counter input is one of them and you will also get timing options, action queue save, etc.

Despite having all these features, it is not very popular like the OP Auto Clicker and Speed Auto Clicker. We can say that  Auto Mouser is one of the most underrated auto clickers out there. Okay, let’s get started with it’s features and finally download it on your windows pc from this page.

automouser download

Features Of The AutoMouser Software

1. Opacity:

This is a unique feature that you will not get in the other auto clickers. You can actually control the opacity of a click on a scale of 1 to 100%.

2. Do Not Show In Taskbar:

If you do not want the tool’s icon to be listed in the taskbar, you can opt in for the same under Options category of the software.

3. Add Letters / Numbers To Queue:

Have you ever though of adding the letters and numbers to a queue?. You can do it effortlessly and be able to get the output the way you design the queue. The letters can the Capital Letters or Small Letters and you can control the flow of the queue with a hotkey F2 and it will pause the action for 1 second.

4. Add Buttons / Special Characters To Queue:

Along with the letters and the numbers, you can also add the buttons and keys to the queue. There are no restrictions including the special characters, you will be able to add all the buttons including the function keys.

Along with the above features, you will also get the default options such as Mouse Clicks, Mouse Click Position, Dynamic Counter Input, etc. Okay, let’s download the tool now.

Download AutoMouser for PC on Windows 11/10/8.1/7 [32 Bit, 64 Bit]

The official website of the tool is but their site is not loading. Not to worry, it’s available in the Sourceforge website but you will however get it from the below button. The current version of the app is v5.1 and supports only windows operating system.

      Download It Here

Still downloading? not to worry, it’s just of 1.4MB file size and won’t take longer for downloading.

How To Install Auto Mouser on PC [Windows Only]

Installation is quite simple since it is an exe file. But, there is a glitch with the process. Check out the instructions clearly.

  • The automouser.exe file is even though an executable file, you cannot install it by double clicking the file.
  • It won’t get installed even though you double click it.
  • So, right click on the software and click “Run as administrator” option.

install auto mouser on windows

  • The moment you hit that, you will see the installation confirmation window on the screen.
  • Hit “Yes” and follow the on-screen instructions to wrap up the installation process.
  • Launch the tool once you are done with the installation process.

You Have A Pretty Better Alternatives To Try Now:

That’s all about it! you can go ahead and try your hands on with the tool. You can also try out the Auto Key Clicker and Auto Key Presser tools to automate the mouse clicks and keyboard inputs. If you would like to get any help from us, let us know about it through the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Price Of AutoMouser?

AutoMouser is a free application and doesn't have a price tag at all. All the users can download it for free and use it for free of cost.

What Is An AutoMouser Used For?

It is not just limited to automating the mouse clicks. You can actually automate your mouse buttons, keyboard keys and key combinations by creating suitable profiles.

How Do You Use Auto Mouser?

Open the software and configure Mouse Click Options, Mouse Click Position, Number of Clicks and Pause After (1000 = 1 sec.). Once all the required configurations are done, tap "Add To Actions Queue" button to create a stack of tasks to execute.

Is AutoMouser Available for Mac?

No! it is a windows software and not available for MacOS yet.

How To Play Games Using AutoMouser?

Before starting to play any pc game, make sure to understand what the game needs. According to the objectives, you have to configure the application and finally activate it after adding all the tasks to a Queue.

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