Top 14+ Best Auto Clickers for Windows, Mac, Android & iOS Devices

It is undoubtedly a tough job to select the auto clicker because we have a plenty of them. Each auto clicker claims that they are the best in the industry but every app will have both bright and dark sides. In order to help our readers, we have come up with a detailed guide on The Best Auto Clickers in 2023.

By the end of this article, you will be able to choose the right one for your operating system. On the other hand, we will highlight the point that which auto clicker is best for a specific game or an application. So, go ahead and choose the one that fits for your needs.

Top 14+ Best Auto Clickers for 2023

We have categorised the entire list based on the supporting operating system. So, you don’t need to worry about anything, let’s go through the list.

Best Auto Clickers for Windows

Below are the list of auto clickers that can be installed and used on the windows based pcs and laptops.

1. OP Auto Clicker

If there is an auto clicker with more than 90% of the positive reviews, it’s nothing but the OP Auto Clicker. It has a simple user interface and the software is light weight and works across all variants of the windows operating system.

the best auto clickers for windows

Gamers love using it for playing the most popular games such as Roblox and Minecraft. It’s not just an auto clicker, it can record a macro as well for you. So, you can repeat the actions unlimited number of times.

   OP Auto Clicker Download

The best part is that, you do not need to install it on your pc. Just run it and you are good to go with it’s awesomeness.

2. Speed Auto Clicker

It is an extremely fast auto clicker in our list. The gamers can make use of it in order to play role playing games and shooting games. It can produce around 50,000 clicks per second but it’s recommended to keep anything below 500 seconds per second. You can ready our detailed article about CPS Test By Auto Clicker to test which auto clicker works faster and efficient.

best autoclickers free download

It’s hotkey friendly and you can set a hotkey either from the keyboard or mouse buttons. It’s one of the finest qualities that the other auto clickers don’t offer.

   Speed Auto Clicker Download

We have two apps with the name Speed Auto Clicker. The above link will give you the access to both of them, pick the one that you like to go with.

3. TinyTask

Tinytask is one of the most popular macro creators for windows operating system. It can record your on-screen activities such as the clicks from mouse buttons and keystrokes from the keyboard keys, etc. Later on, you can save it for future and import it anytime and run it.

best auto clicker for windows

One of the biggest abilities is that, it can save the macro as an executable file. Which means that you can directly run the executable file as an administrator and enjoy the macro without having to launch the main software.

   TinyTask Download

It is also a standalone software, light weight and supports all the clicker games including roblox and minecraft.

4. FYT Auto Clicker

Windows users are lucky enough to have it on their devices. The user interface is super clear and attractive. It will display the click count while the click action is in progress. Click Limiter is a very helpful feature, using which you can limit the total number of clicks. Upon reaching the given number of clicks, the clicker will be stopped.

top auto clickers for pc

Custom Click Modes such as Burst Click and AFK Click will help you get the best clicks to your liking. On the other hand, it also helps you choose the click coordinates to be able to produce clicks at specific locations of the screen.

   FYT Auto Clicker Download

Custom delay interval between the clicks is a pro feature but you will get it for free. Gear up yourself and try it out today on your windows pc.

Below are some more auto clickers for windows:

Best Auto Clickers for Mac OS X

Here is a list of auto clickers which supports mac opearting system. This list includes, macro recorders, creators and clickers as well. You may also try out the op auto clicker on mac which works really well.

1. Mahdi Auto Clicker is the creator of this app and it is avaialable for Mac operating system only. It is a dedicated auto clicker with the ability to run on old iMacs to the latest Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. Click After “given time” in seconds/minutes/hours is really a great option for you. It will initiate the clicker after the time that you have entered.

top autoclickers for mac

Click only if mouse is stationary option is a helpful feature that gets you clicks wherever you place your mouse pointer and when stationary. So, while you are moving your cursor, you won’t loose your bullets and health in the game.

   Mahdi Auto Clicker Download

It allows you enter the number of clicks per second. So, you will get it and the clicks will be spot on. Why to wait? use the above link and download it for your macbook right away.

2. GS Auto Clicker

It is developed by GoldenSoft and the software is available for all famouse platforms such as Mac, Windows and Android. Since we have suggested some apps for windows, we would like to include it for mac pcs. It doesn’t have more options and looks very simple in a way that every newbie gamer is able to use it.

gs autoclicker app

We can say that it is a macro recorder and plays back the macro that you’ve created. It can record multiple clicks from different locations of your screen. It will show you the total number of clicks that were recorded in a macro and you can customize them too.

   GS Auto Clicker Download

The best part is that, it won’t create a macro at once but allows you pick multiple points where you want the clicks and add all of them into a macro.

3. iMouseTrick

iMouseTrick is the most cleanest auto clicker that we have come across. It looks super simple but has all the features that a typical gamer loves. You can enter the number of clicks manually or scroll the bar to the right to get the maximum number of clicks that you may want.

imousetrick mac

On the other hand, it allows you configure the time between clicks and it can be entered in milliseconds, seconds, minutes and hours as well. It has a unique feature called “Count down before start” and you can enter the time in ms, s, m and h.

   iMouseTrick Download

It will pause the clicks whenever a user hovers the mouse over the tool and it’s a unique feature of it. Finally, it will be hidden in the system tray while it is executing the given task.

4. Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker

It has a decent user interface and all the options are available on the home screen itself. The user can choose between the available options such as Interval Before Click, Interval Between Clicks, etc. It also has “Auto Stop After given time” and the clicker will be stopped after the time that you have entered.

advanced auto clickers

On the other hand, it also has the feature “Auto Stop After given clicks”. It means that the clicker will be stopped once it reaches the clicks that you have entered.

   Advanced Mouse Auto Clicker Download

Mac users can get the clicks from Left mouse button, Right Mouse buttons only but middle mouse button clicks are not available. Moreover, it will produce both single clicks and double clicks.

Below are some more auto clickers for MacOS:

Best Auto Clickers for Android

Android users are luckier than the other users because of the availability of the apps. Yes, google play store has a bunch of auto clickers but it really requires little knowledge to pick the right one. Don’t worry, we did it for you and shared the best auto clickers below.

1. Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap

It is a top rated and highly downloaded auto clicker available in the google play store. Users will get Single Target Mode and Multi Target Mode with customizable settings to get the best output. It supports swipe and you can select the locations for the swipe and the duration as well.

best auto clickers apps for android

Anti-Detection is one of the rarest features that the other apps don’t offer. You can enable it to be able to play the games so safely without getting detected by the game servers.

      Automatic Tap App Download

The best part is that, you can configure the settings and save them as a profile to reuse them later. On the other hand, you can create scripts, save and load them anytime. You can even export the scripts to be able to use on the other mobile devices. Also, try out the op auto clicker apk on your android device.

2. QuickTouch

QutickTouch is the best auto clicker for playing clicker games such as Cookie Clicker, Clicker Heroes on mobile devices. It works without rooting your android device and it’s also a safe application. On the other hand, it works super fast and produces the clicks very quickly.

QuickTouch auto clicker

It allows you set unlimited targets and also supports swiping. You can customize each target’s settings the way you want. Users can save their configuration profiles and load them whenever they want.

      QuickTouch App Download

Works across all the games and applications and it can start automatically with a screen gesture. Head to the above link to download it from your google play store.

3. Click Assistant

Click Assistant is yet another best auto clicker app that we have in the android app store. It has more than 10 Million active downloads with an average rating of 4.1 with 162K reviews in total. It has various great settings such as Action Interval Time, Action Cycle Times, Touch & Hold Delay, Swipe Duration and Pinch Duration.

Click Assistant app download

Pinch related feature is not present in the other auto clickers that we have shared so far in this article. Anti Detection has a customizable feature using which, you can customize pixels to avoid detection from the game.

      Click Assistant App Download

It allows you load custom scripts downloaded from the internet to be able to use the custom gestures such as two finger zoom, curve swipes.

4. Macrorify – Image Auto Clicker

Macrorify is a coolest auto clicker for all the android mobiles and tablets. The kind of features that it has are truly amazing and I am damn sure that you cannot find some of those features in the other apps. It can detect the images and place the clicks with the Image Detection technology.


Supports complex gesture path and you can almost simulate all your 10 fingers. One of the awesome features is that you can write the script on your mobile device itself.

      Macrorify App Download

Moreover, you can record your clicks, swipes and screen gestures and replay them. Apart from that, you will get all the basic features that the other apps in this category offers.

Below are some more auto clickers for Android:

Best AutoClickers for iOS Devices

We all know that there are a very few auto clickers available for the iOS devices. We have tried our best to share the available and working apps in this list and fortunately, we did it and shared everything in this article.

Best AutoClickers for ChromeBook

The availability of auto clickers for chromebook is limited. But we are fortunate enough because we’ve found some interesting extensions and listed them below.

1. Tesilio Auto Clicker

It is one of the most downloaded chrome extensions in the entire google chrome’s web store. So, you can also download it and start using it on your chromebook. The other side of this extension is that it is used to play only a few games, especially the Cookie Clicker.

   Tesilio Extension Download

If you haven’t added it to your chromebook, you can go to the above link and add it right away.

2. Uncanny Cookie Clicker

The name of the extension has everything that you need to know. It is actually used by a lot of users to play the cookie clicker game. If you go to chrome’s web store and search for the auto clicker, you will see a lot of results but none of them will work except the two extensions that we have shared here.

   Uncanny Extension Download

Those are the two best extensions that you can try today. If you want to try them on your chromebook, you literally have not many options.

We have shared Top 14 Best Auto Clickers for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Chromebook on this article. All the mentioned apps were tested by us and they are completely safe so, you can try them out. If you feel that we have missed any other auto clicker software in this article, kindly let us know through the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Trusted Auto Clicker?

It's difficult to select the right auto clicker because of the issues they have. On the other hand, there are some highly trusted and 100% safe auto clickers. OP Auto Clicker is one of those most trusted auto clickers ever in the history.

How Do I Make My Super Fast Auto Clicker?

Of course! you can create an auto clicker if you have some coding skills but it's definitely a tough task for a newbie gamer. If your only aim is to get the super fast auto clicker, then speed auto clicker is a right choice for you.

What Is The Most Famous Auto Clicker?

There are a number of famous auto clickers but out of them, only opautoclicker, speedautoclicker, gsautoclicker are the most famous auto clickers for almost all the operating systems.

How Do I Get Maximum Clicks From An Auto Clicker?

To get maximum number of clicks, keep the option "Click Until Stopped" or "Maximum" or "Unlimited" enabled. Different apps will have different names but make sure to select the right option that gets you unlimited clicks from the auto clicker.

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