Download OP Auto Clicker Extension for Chromebook (100% Working)

Chromebook is incomplete without an auto clicker or a macro creator especially if you are a gamer. Even though a lot of people use such software either on their pcs or mobile devices, chromebook is a more convenient way to use such an app. I have tried it personally and writing this article in which I am going to share the guidelines to Download OP Auto Clicker Extension for Chromebook.

I have also shared some useful insights of op auto clicker’s availability on google chromebook, features, how to use it and so on. Let’s go through the full article to gain complete knowledge about it. I am pretty sure that you will definitely be able to start playing your favorite games using the auto clicker chrome extensions on your chromebook.

Does OP Auto Clicker Work On Chromebook?

OP Auto Clicker is a pc software developed by mousetool and owned by It can be downloaded and installed on windows based computers. It is not yet made for the Google’s Chrome OS and of course! that’s not an issue anymore.

Update: We did a workaround for ChromeOS users and now you can use OP Auto Clicker on Chromebook without any restrictions.

We also have some great working alternative auto clicker chrome extensions which can do the job of auto clicking. Let’s check out the best alternatives that we have listed down below.

Download Best Auto Clickers For Chromebook [Google ChromeOS]

Since Op Auto Clicker Extension for Chromebook is not available as a native app. We are going to install google play store on chromebook and then install op auto clicker apk on chromebook. We have tested all the extensions personally on our chromebook and shared them with you on this page.

  • Install OP Auto Clicker Extension on Chromebook

Do you know the fact that ChromeOS can run android applications without any third party emulators?. Yes, you can download and install op auto clicker apk on chromebook very easily. Below instructions are all yours, check them out.

  • Open Settings on your chromebook and tap “About Chrome OS” option as shown in the below image.

about chrome os tab on chromebook

  • Now, you have to check whether Google Play Store app is installed or not. To check, tap “Apps” on the left hand side.

install google play store on chromebook

  • Now, tap “Turn On” button to enable google play store on your chromebook. This option should be turned on if you haven’t installed the google play store app already.

turn on google play store on chromebook

  • Now, tap the right arrow to launch the google play store once it is turned on.

tap the right arrow

  • Now, you will see google playstore’s terms of service details. Tap More button and then hit “I Accept” button.

accept google play terms of service

  • Now, you can setup the google playstore app and kindly do not close while the google play store app is getting installed.

setting up google play store app

  • Once the setup is over, google play store will be opened up as shown in the below image.

search google play for op auto clicker extension

  • Type “OP Auto Clicker Chrome” in the search bar and hit enter and select the first app from the search results.

install op auto clicker on chromebook

  • Click “Install” button which is in the green color. Please wait while the installation is going on.

Once it is installed, launch the app and setup the application according to your needs. If you want to try out the other auto clicker chrome extensions, check below.

  • Tesilio Auto Clicker

Tesilio Auto Clicker is named after it’s developer’s name. He is a backend developer whose official website is The extension has been downloaded by more than 100k users on google chrome’s web store.

op auto clicker for chromebook

It is best suited to play any online game using the browser, especially the google chrome web browser. Check out the below shortcut keys to use the extension. You can also use download another auto clicker for chromebook that allows you play cookie clicker game, from this detailed post.

  • Start – CTRL + , (Comma Key)
  • Stop – CTRL + . (Period Key or Fullstop)
  • Start With Interval – Control + Alt + , (Comman Key)

Download it from the below download button and use the above key combinations for starting, stopping the auto clicker on your chromebook.

   Get It From Here

  • IO Auto Clicker Chrome Extension

IO Auto Clicker extension one of the latest yet powerful auto clickers we have come across in our research. The developer of this extenion has also developed a pc version which looks somewhat similar to the OP in terms of functionalities.

IO Auto Clicker Extension

  • Visit the Chrome’s webstore on your chromebook or by using the google chrome web browser on your pc.

io auto clicker extension

  • Type “IO Auto Clicker Extension” in the search bar and hit enter.
  • Tap the blue color icon or on it’s name “Auto Clicker” and hit “Add to Chrome” button.

auto clicker for chromeos

  • Once the extension is added to chrome browser, you can access it from browser’s toolbar.
  • It is best suited for the browser based games.

Hotkey To Start: Control + , (CTRL Key + Comma)

Hotkey To Stop: Control + . (CTRL Key + Full Stop)

The above two chromebook auto clickers are 100% safe and working pretty good. If you find any limitations in the above extensions, you can comment below this page for help from us.

  • OP Auto Clicker for on Windows PC (This Method Is Not For ChromeOS)

If you have a windows pc, you can start using it right away. Just follow the below instructions to get it on your pc.

op auto clicker extension download

The biggest advantage of having op auto clicker on a pc is that you can play almost any pc game.

  • Go to OP Auto Clicker Download Page from here.
  • Download the most recent version (v3.0) as an executable file from there.
  • Double click the file to start the installation procedure.
  • You do not need to install the software in a traditional way because it is a standalone software.
  • Just run it and start using it just like that.

Below Are Some Of The Best Auto Clickers for Windows & Mac:

Keep checking this space for more auto clickers for chromebook. We found the above one as the most suitable one and rest are just plugins that don’t work. We keep striving for the best ones and will update all the working extensions to help our users in a legit way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There An Auto Clicker Extension?

Yes, OP Auto Clicker Extension is available for download in google play store app in the form of an apk file. In order to install it, first turn on google play store on your chromebook and read the steps that we have shared in this page to install the extension.

Is Auto Clicker for Chrome Available?

Yes, there are a couple of auto clickers available for chrome. We have shared the available extensions such as IO autoclicker extension, Tesilio Extension and OP Auto Clicker Extension. All of them are tested and they are safe to use on your chromebook.

What Is A Good Auto Clicker for Chrome?

OP / Tesilio Auto Clicker and IO Auto Clickers are good for ChromeOS. Both the extensions share almost the same features except the hotkeys to start and stop.

How Do I Enable Auto Clicker Extension?

If you have installed IO Auto Clicker Extension on your chrome web browser, go to extensions bar on the top right corner and tap the icon of the extension and hit "Turn On". In case if you have installed op auto clicker extension then, simply launch the app from the desktop of your chromebook and enable it from the app's home screen.

How Do I AutoClick In Chrome?

There are two methods to autoclick on chrome. One is by installing the auto clicker chrome extension and another method is by the Accessibility center. Enable accessibility in the settings of your chromebook, select the click location and click interval then, press Alt + Shift + S key combination to start the clicks. Press the same hotkey to stop the accessibility auto clicker on chromebook.

How Do I Use AutoClicker Extension?

Turn on the extension and press the Control + , (comma) keys to enable the autoclicker google chrome extension. turn on op auto clicker extension on chromeos In order to turn on the auto clicker app on chromebook, tap the green color "Play" button.

What’s The Fastest CPS In 1 Second on Chromebook?

200 clicks per second (cps) is the fastest cps rate per 1 second which is achieved by the IO auto clicker google chrome extension.

How Do I Make Chrome Auto Click Faster?

There is nothing that you could do to make the auto clicker click faster on chromebook currently. Because the extensions that we have shared in this post are still in budding stage and they do not have advanced options currently.

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