Fast Mouse Clicker for Windows To Get 9999 Clicks / Second

The Fast Mouse Clicker is well known for it’s speed and reliability. It can click upto 9999 times per second which is huge and definitely a big number. Of course, the users may not require that many clicks in a second because there has to be a pc and game that supports such a big rate of clicks. Okay, let’s dive in and know more about it however you are going to download the tool.

Desktop and personal computers users uses the fast mouse clicker app a lot. Because, they will use the mouse and there won’t be a touchpad fro desktops. On the other hand, if you are a laptop user but using the external mouse, you can go for it without any doubt.

fast mouse clicker

Features Of Fast Mouse Clicker Software

Despite having the abnormal user interface, it still holds some important features.

1. Status Of The Tool:

It will show you the current status of the tool at the top of the tool’s UI. So, if the tool is in use, you can the status as “Running” and it shows “Idle” when it’s not in use.

2. Number Of Clicks:

The very first section of the body of the tool will show you the total number of clicks that this tool has generated so far.

3. Clicks / S:

It shows you the current click rate and the rate of clicks can be configured there. You can enter any number to be able to control the flow the clicks.

4. Trigger:

It shows you the trigger key that you have set or the default one. Click on that button and enter your trigger key. Whenever a key is triggered while playing the game or carrying out the task, the clicks will be triggered automatically.

5. Stop At:

We can say that it’s nothing but the click limit section. You can enter the number at which you want the Fast Mouse Clicker to stop the clicking action. Until reaching that click, the tool will be keep running.

6. Stop Button:

This is the manual stop button which will help you stop the action of the tool. But remember, you may not require this button because it’s really a tough task to relaunch the tool from the taskbar and hit that button.

7. Press / Toggle:

There are two options for Starting the clicker and they are Press and Toggle. When you choose press, you should keep pressing the trigger key to get the clicks and it will stop when you release the key. The toggle works the otherwise and the user needs to click the key once for both start and stop.

8. Mouse / Key To Click:

Under this section, you can either select any of the mouse buttons such as Left or Right or Middle. On the other hand, you can also select any key from your keyboard to be able to produce them while you are in the game.

Download Fast Mouse Clicker for Windows 11/10/8.1/7 PC (32, 64 Bit)

Boris Mezhibovskiy is the programmer of the tool whose not very active from a very long time in terms of updating the the features. Anyways, we have to respect his work and give him that applause. Okay, let’s download it from below.

      Download It Here

Do not worry about the app because it is scanned and tested in terms of safety. It is completely a safe software which you can use without any fear. Want better features? below are some more unique apps to try out while playing the games.

How To Install / Use It On Your Windows PC?

  • Go to the file’s location on your laptop or desktop.
  • Select the file and double click the same in order to launch it.
  • It is also a standalone software such as famouse names in the industry like the OP Auto Clicker and TinyTask.
  • The tool will be launched instantly and you can set your tigger key, clicks per second and all.

Try things on your own and let us know if you need any help regarding the setup, etc. In case if you are not happy with the UI or it’s features, go to the Best Auto Clickers list and choose the one that suits your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fast Mouse Clicker Free?

Yes, the fast mouse clicker app is completely free to download / install and use on your windows computer.

How Fast Is The Fast Mouse Clicker?

It works very fast in terms of placing the clicks for your games and other tasks. The top speed of clicks is 9999 cps (clicks per second).

How To Click Super Fast Using Fast MouseClicker?

It has no advanced features. Just launch the tool and navigate your cursor towards Clicks/s section and enter how many clicks you want per second. Once you are ready, you can start the mouse clicker to get the given number of clicks per second.

Can I Create A Macro Using Fast Mouse Clicker App?

No! it won't allow you create a macro because it's not macro creator.

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