Flame Auto Clicker for Windows PC [A Decent Tool For Gamers]

Flame Auto Clicker is not just another tool for mouse automation. According to the developer “Peter”, his tool is capable of producing 1000 clicks per second. Of course! it is not recommended to go with 1000 CPS because most of the computers cannot handle that. Instead, you can set up to 500 cps which is the maximum click rate for the normal computers.

It is currently available for Windows operating system only. So, all the users who are currently using the windows based pcs can try it out. Before you download it, just go through the features shared below.

flame auto clicker

Features Of The Flame AutoClicker

Even though it is well known as one of the fastest auto clickers, it has a very limited number of options. We have listed them right below and recommend you read them.

1. Click Interval (Seconds):

The click interval in this app is available only in seconds and it is not available in milliseconds, minutes and hours. The users need to keep this in mind enter the time in seconds to be able to get the required number of clicks per second.

2. Repeat x Times:

This option helps you repeat the clicks for number of times. The users can enter up to 1000 or more but don’t just enter the number without proper knowledge about how many clicks you want.

3. Always on Top:

There is an option to mark it to make the app to stay on top of all the windows on your pc. You can turn it off anytime and turn it on again, when needed.

4. Click Until Stopped:

The flame auto clicker will help you in producing the clicks until you stop it with a hotkey or by clicking the stop button of the clicker manually.

5. Left Click / Right Click / Middle Click:

Some auto clickers are able to produce only left and right clicks. But, it can produce the clicks from the middle mouse buttons as well.

6. Single / Double Clicks:

It is again a same feature with the other auto clickers. The users can easily get both the single and double clicks simultaneously.

7. Hotkeys:

You do not nee to start and stop the auto clicker manually at all because it supports hotkeys for that. The default hotkeys are; Fn+F6 for Start and Fn+F4 for Stop.

Click opacity is yet another feature of this auto clicker and you can vary the opacity from 1 to 100 or anything in between.

Download Flame Auto Clicker for Windows 11/10/8.1/7 PC [32, 64 Bit]

The developer was so cool and avoided unnecessary options in his tool. I hope you have got some idea about the tool and how they are going to help you out with your automation requirements. If you like his work, you can go to this link and contribute some bucks.

      Download It Here

Save the flameautoclickerv1.6.1.exe file from the above link and follow the below instructions to install it. Some users would love to combine a few auto clickers and get the best output. If you would also want to do it, below are some great options to combine them with the flame auto clicker.

Install Flame AutoClicker on PC [Windows Only]

  • The file that you have downloaded from the above link is an executable file and it’s not a zip file. So,  you can install it without having to use any unzipping software such as 7zip or winrar.
  • Go to the file location and double click the exe file.
  • I guess, you will definitely some warning on your pc (check below image).

flame auto clicker is not installing on windows

  • When you see such a warning, you should not worry about it. Hit “Run anyway” button to continue the installation process without any kind of further restrictions.
  • Once the installation is over, you can use the shortcut available on the desktop to launch it.

flame autoclicker on windows after installation

  • Now, you can configure the software like you always do with the other auto clickers.

Even though there are multiple software for the keyboard and mouse automation, Flame Auto Clicker is a must try software. Because it has a decent UI and works well without any glitches and crashes. If you want to know more about it’s settings or anything else, comment below this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flame Auto Clicker & Forge Auto Clicker Same?

No! forge and flame auto clickers are different in terms of functionalities even though they both share the same User Interface and look.

Can I Play Idle Games Using The Flame Auto Clicker?

Yes! you can play almost all the idle games such as cookie clicker, clicker heroes and hero wars, etc.

Why Does It Have Less Number Of Features?

It is a basic level auto clicker with minimal features and options to use. If you want more customisation, go to Settings and tweak the available settings to get the bette outcome from it.

How Many CPS I Can Get From Flame AutoClicker?

The current cps that you can get from it is aroud 60 clicks per second. It does have only the (seconds) section where you can input the click interval only in seconds. It doesn't have Milliseconds option otherwise, you would have received a better CPS rate..

Can Create A Macro With Mouse Clicks and Key Presses?

No! it is not possible to create a macro with key events and mouse clicks because it's not a macro creator application.

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