FYT Auto Clicker – Download FYT Macro Recorder for Windows PCs

FYT Auto Clicker is the most favorite one for windows users. Find Your Tools have developed it and it’s current available for windows operating system only. It has some unique features that will surely help you automate your click tasks in a much better manner.

We can say that it is the most underrated auto clicker which harly got exposure to the user base despite having great features. It will display the Session Clicks and CPS Count (Clicks Per Second) without having to go to any third party websites. You can read our special guide to know more about CPS Test By OP Auto Clicker to understand the math behind it.

findyourtools clicker

Features Of FYT AutoClicker

  • Delay Interval Between Clicks

You can set the custom delay between the consecutive clicks. It will get you the clicks the way you configure the click interval and the best part is, you can set as low as possible in milliseconds.

Delay Range Between option is another advantage where you can enter the range from low to high. Based on the given range, the delay will be auto selected by the tool. That will give you random click interval between each set of consecutive clicks.

  • Click Limiter

Limit the clicks by any number in order to be able to get only the specified number of clicks. Enter the number inside the box (Max. Clicks) to receive only that many clicks.

If you want to receive the unlimited clicks, enter 0 and start the clicker with it’s hotkey. 0 doesn’t mean that you are not going to get the clicks.

  • Custom Click Modes

FYT Auto Clicker has two types of click modes namely AFK Click and Burst Click. So, you may go for either of them in order to be able to receive the clicks in a way you like them.

I recommend you go with the first option which is a decent one. Of course! you can always try out the other option as well.

  • Button Type [Left, Right, Middle]

It produces clicks from all the mouse buttons such as Left, Right and Middle buttons. In fact, you will be able to get the clicks even on the laptops with touchpads.

On top of that it has the option to select the click types known as “Single Click” and “Double Click”.

  • Click Area

Click Area is nothing but the location of the clicks to be placed. Under this option, you may either go for “Current Location” option or enter the X and Y Coordinates.

The best part is, you can either enter the coordinates numerically or select the “Get” option and click on the screen to pick the screen coordinates.

Download FYT Auto Clicker [Macro Recorder] Free

We have scanned the file before providing it to our blog visitors to provide you a safe file. You can download it from below without any worries.

      Download Here

Ready with the file on your pc? let’s check out the below instructions for the installation part. You have got some more apps to try out today. We have mentioned them below, have a look at them now.

How To Install FYT AutoClicker on PC [Windows 11/10/8.1/7]

It is not a standalone software unlike the OP Auto Clicker. So, you must need to install the software by going through the traditional installation method. Here are the steps to do that.

  • Go to “Downloads” section of the google chrome’s web browser.

fyt auto clicker download

  • Tap the name of the software or click on “Show In Folder” option to launch the folder where it is saved.

agree to the terms of fyt clicker

  • Select the option “I agree to the License terms and conditions.” option and hit “Install” button.

install fyt auto clicker on windows

  • The software will be started installating all important files on your pc now. One of the most important things is that you should install microsoft visual c++ software whenever prompted.
  • Follow some on-screen instructions to finish the installation process.

fyt autoclicker pc

  • Finally, launch it and enjoy all the features to automate the clicks for playing all your favorite MMORPG Games, Action Games, etc.

Do you have any doubts regarding the installation process and all? let me know in the comments right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is FYT Auto Clicker?

FYT Auto Clicker is a free automatic mouse clicker tool developed by FindYourTools. It offers you the automatic clicks from your left mouse button / right mouse button and middle mouse button. It has various settings such as Click Area, Click Limiter and Click Interval between clicks.

Does FYT Auto Clicker Work on Android Devices?

No! the FYT Auto Clicker APK file for android devices is not yet developed by the FindYourTools company. So, you cannot install it on your smartphone and android tablets.

How Do I Change The Start & Stop Hotkey In FYT AutoClicker?

Make sure that you have already installed the FYT clicker on your windows pc. Launch it and go all the way down till you find "Change Hotkey" button at the left bottom of the window. Tap that button and enter the new hotkey by removing the old one.

What Is The BURST Click Feature?

BURST Click is an advanced feature using which you can get a set number of clicks for a given period of time at different locations of the screen. This feature is most used by gamers in the clicker games and multi player games.

What Is The AFK Click Feature?

The full of AFK is "Away From Keyboard" and using which you can get clicks and key presses very easily without having to touch your keyboard and mouse. In this mode, the clicker will run continously until you stop it. This is one of the best features which is used a lot by the players of the idle games.

What Is The Fastest CPS By FYT Auto Clicker?

We did a research with different click modes and other available settings multiple times. In our reseach, we found that the fastest cpc by fyt auto clicker is around 70 to 90 clicks per second.

How Do I Create A Macro Using FYT Macro Recorder?

FYT Macro Recorder is all about creating macros by recording the on-screen activity. fyt macro recorder
  • Open the FYT Macro Recorder on your windows computer / laptop. Click the "Create" button which is in the red color besides Create New Macro option.
  • If you have already created a macro, tap "Import" option and select the macro and execute it straight away.

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