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There is no doubt that OP Auto Clicker for Mac devices is the best auto clicker. But still, there are a lot of people search for a better software. If you are also one of them, iMouseTrick is a tool which has all the qualities to be called as a better auto clicker.

We can say that it’s the most easiest tool ever built to automate mouse clicks on a mac device. All the options can be easily accessed and altered from the home screen UI itself. I am pretty sure that you will definitely love it’s simple user interface and the configuration options.

imousetrick mac

Let’s go ahead and finish this article to be able to know more about it. By the way, you can download it from this page for free of cost.

Features Of iMouseTrick Software

It doesn’t host a lot features like Mahdi Auto Clicker which is yet another great option for the Mac users. Whatever the features it has are very useful and suitable for all gamers from pros to newbies.

iMouseTrick Download

  • Configure No.Of Clicks

The tool allows you configure the number of clicks in two different methods. One is entering the number of clicks in the form of a numeric number in the box. The other option is a horizontal scroller bar using which you can alter the number of clicks to be placed.

  • Time Between Clicks (Click Interval)

Similar thing again, you can enter the click interval manually and there is no such fixed click interval. It is a convenient thing for you if you can enter the click interval time in the milliseconds. The best part is that you can use the horizontal scroller bar to give it the input.

  • Count Down Before Start

This is a unique feature that most of the autoclickers lack. You can simply enter the number of seconds as your click wait time before starting the click action. It will help you automate things naturally since it requires little time to open the game and login to the server, etc.

  • Pause The iMouseTrick When Mouse Is Over It

Here is an interesting feature which doesn’t require any kind of hotkeys to stop the click action. You can turn it on and it won’t generate any clicks when you hover the mouse over it. Whenever you move your cursor from it, the click action will be started again.

  • Hide The iMouseTrick Window While Is Running

Although it is a common feature available across various auto clickers in the market, it’s still useful. You can turn this option ON in order to minimise the software to the system tray or notifications bar. That way, you can relaunch it whenever you want and you won’t miss any configured settings.

Download iMouseTrick for Mac OS X {100% Free}

We did our research to find out the complete details about the tool. The developer named “Beecubu” have developed this tool exclusively for mac users. We appreciate his effort and you all should also do the same. Okay, let’s download it from below.

     Download Here

Since the software is supposed to be installed only on mac OS X device, you should follow a set of instructions to install it. Don’t worry, we have prepared a cool list of steps for you. On the other hand, you can always use OP Auto Clicker on Windows if you have a Windows based PC.

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Install iMouseTrick on Macbook Pro / Air / iMac

Following are the steps for the installation,

  • First of all, Download iMouseTrick from this page or any other website of your choice.
  • The file will be saved to your pc in (.zip) format.

  • Go to the location of the file on your macbook.
  • Right click on it and Extract the files into a separate folder.
  • Launch Applications folder on your macbook now.
  • Drag & Drop the extracted folder onto the Applications folder now.
  • Once it is done, close all the tabs and windows that are currently open.
  • Go to All Programs section and launch iMouseTrick software to start using it immediately.

That is how you can actually download and install the iMouseTrick Auto Clicker on your mac. If you need any kind of help regarding this guide, you can comment below this article to get help from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is iMouseTrick A Virus?

No! it is a not a virus nor a malware. It is one of the safest auto clickers for macos x.

Is iMouseTrick Available for Windows?

No! it is not available for windows operating system based pcs and laptops.

What Should Be Ideal Time Between Clicks?

There is a scale for it which counts from 0 milliseconds to 1000 milliseconds and you can toggle it from extreme left to extreme right or choose anything in between.

How To Pause The iMousetrick While In Action?

There is an option called "Pause the iMouseTrick when mouse is over it" and you should turn it on. Once it's turned on, the tool will stop performing when you hover the cursor onto it.

How To Start & Stop The iMouseTrick?

There are no hotkeys available to start and stop the application unlike the other auto clickers. If you want to start or stop the too, launch it from the taskbar and hit "Start" button or "Stop" button. When it is not in action, you can see that the option "Stopped" is activated by default.

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