Mahdi Auto Clicker Download [Latest Version] for MacOS

There are a decent number of auto clickers available for windows and android devices. But, there is a very limited number of software available for mac os x. Mahdi Auto Clicker is one of those less number of auto clickers which are currently available.

After using it for quite sometime on my macbook air, I have decided to write a post with all necessary information about it to my fellow mac users.

Mahdi Auto Clicker is truly the best one in terms of the User Interface, Design and it’s features. It looks like an official software from the apple’s app store but it’s not available there.

Thanks to the developer “Mahdi” who made it for the mac users. Continue reading this guide to be able to know it’s features, to download it and to install it on your macbooks.

mahdi auto clicker download

OP Auto Clicker for Mac is recently released and it’s available for download, you can try it out to get all it’s features on your macbook.

Features Of Mahdi Auto Clicker v2.0.5

Despite having all the basic features that the OP Auto Clicker has for their windows users, it has some more interesting features that you shouldn’t miss.

  • Click Using Any Mouse Button:

This is the very first feature that you seen whenever you open the software on your macbook. You can select either “Left” or “Right” or “Middle” mouse button for getting clicks from.

  • Select Number Of Clicks Per Second:

You have the opportunity to select the total number of clicks that you want per a second. This is the 2nd option that you can see right bellow the click options. For example, you have entered the number 20.

Which means that you will get 20 clicks per second with the Left mouse button (if choose left). We have written a detailed on how to perform clicks per second with auto clicker and you can read that.

  • Start / Stop Clicking After:

It is one of the rarest features that I have ever seen in the other auto clickers. auto clicker has these two options using which you can get the customized clicks for the selected time period. Select any number for “Start Clicking After” option to get the clicks only after that number of seconds are finished.

Moreover, “Stop Clicking After” feature will stop the clicks after the given time (in seconds). If you want to make it even more customizable, choose “Minutes or Hours” from the drop down menu beside them.

  • Click Only If Mouse Is Stationary:

By using this feature, you can get the clicks only when the mouse is stationary and it’s not moving here and there. This feature is not actually a better one for the gamers because gamer needs to move his mouse all the time.

In case if you have any special requirement as such, you can opt in for this feature and enter the time there to get the clicks.

  • Start / Stop Hotkey Settings:

Hotkeys play a crucial role while using the auto clickers and macro creators. You can press the hotkey to start and stop the mahdi auto clicker on mac. If you want to change the hotkeys to any custom key or a key combination, you can do that.

The default key to pause the clicking from the mahdi jp auto clicker is (fn) key. You should press and hold the key to pause the click action whenever you do not want the clicks.

Download Mahdi Auto Clicker Latest Version [v2.0.5]

Mahdi Auto Clicker 2.0.5 is the latest version which can be installed and used on any macbook and any Mac OS X operating system. We have shared the download link below which is from the developer site and it’s completely safe because it was scanned and everything is perfect with it.

   Download Here (v2.0.5)

   Old Version (v1.0)

You may download either the new version or the mahdi auto clicker old version based on your requirement. We recommend you go with the new version because it is completely bug free and we found no issues so far.

Below Are Some Great Alternatives:

How To Install Auto Clicker?

The file that you download above will be saved in .zip format. Do you know how to install it? let’s check out the instructions below.

  • In order to install the software on your mac devices, you should have installed winrar or any other alternative software to unzip the file.
  • Go to the file location of the file.
  • Select the file and hit “Extract” or “Open with Winrar” option.
  • Now, you will see the contents of the zip file in a separate folder.
  • Open the folder and double click autoclicker.dmg file to start the installation process.
  • If you don’t see the .dmg file, you should at least see .plist file. Read this article if you don’t know how to install .plists file on mac.

How To Use Mahdi AutoClicker On Your Macbook?

The usage is quite simple but requires little knowledge about the process. Don’t worry, we have got your back.

  • Make sure that you have installed the software on your macbook by following the above guidelines.
  • Launch the software from the programs menu on your macbook.
  • Setup the things such as how many clicks you want per second and from which mouse button, etc.
  • Go through the advanced features only if necessary and configure them.
  • Set the Start/Stop hotkey now; we recommend you put any key in combination with the command key.
  • The app will be stopped by default and you will have to manually hit the “Start” button.
  • Launch the game that you want to play (only when you are done with the setting up of the clicker).

I hope you have enjoyed reading this guide. We have tried multiple software but all of them offer trail versions because they are paid. Just go for the mahdi autoclicker without a second thought. It’s the best software that you can download on your mac for free of cost.

Enjoy the games now! have questions? post them in the comments box and do not forget to read the answers to the most commonly asked questions by your fellow mac users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mahdi AutoClicker A Malware?

No and Not. It's not a malware neither a virus so, don't worry about the application.

Is Mahdi Auto Clicker Safe?

Yes, It is a safe auto clicker app for your macbook and supports all mac os x based laptops and desktops.

I’m Unable To Install Mahdi AutoClicker?

The mahdi auto clicker v2.0.5 (latest version) doesn't support the old versions of MacOS. Nothing to worry, you can download the old version (v1.0) from this link for MacOS 10.13 or earlier.

Why Should I Enable Accessibility Permission?

The software requires this option to be enabled in order to perform the click action. If you don't grant the accessibility permissions, it cannot click on your screen.

Why Can’t I Get Clicks After Enabling Accessibility Permission?

If you are not getting clicks from it after enabling the required permissions, restart your mac device.

Why I Am Not Able To Set A Hotkey?

The hotkeys in the mahdi clicker is a lot different than the other auto clickers. You should enter the hotkeys in combination with either Command, Control or Alt Keys. For example, you can enter something like Command + K or Control + L or Alt + G like that. A single key won't work as a hotkey as of now.

What Is The Maximum Clicks Per Second Limit?

It can click up to 900 clicks per second according to it's developer. He also stated that the maximum number of clicks that a pc can handle is 900 and after that the system will freeze.

Is Mahdi Auto Clicker Windows Version Available for Download?

No. It is not available currently and there are no plans about releasing it for the windows operating system from the developer.

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