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Mini Mouse Macro is one of the coolest yet lightweight mouse and keyboard macro recording software. The tool is developed by Turnssoft and it is currently available for Windows operating system only. It is serving the users from a very long time but since then, the developers have been coming up with a bunch of latest features in each version they release.

The Mini Mouse Macro works similar to TinyTask in terms of functionalities. And, it’s not a traditional auto clicker such as the OP Auto Clicker. But still, it serves you the purpose in the form of macro creation with clicks, key presses. Let’s download it from this article and do not forget to read the page content to know it’s features and instlallation process.

Features Of Mini Mouse Macro Tool

mini mouse macro options

It has way more features than the other auto clickers and macro recorder tools. Let’s discuss the features one by one to understand how those features going to help you.

1. Program Options & Settings:

Some of the program settings are On Top, Auto Shrink, Auto Relist, etc. On Top enabled at start up let’s the tool to stay on top of the other windows right from the system start up. If you do not want this feature, you may enable On Top Check Box Removed option.

Auto Shrink On Play option makes the tool to get minimized once the tool is started to play it’s role. You may also go with the Auto Shrink On Record option to minimize the tool while recording the macro.

Some more interesting features are Disable Task Tray Icon, Disable Task Tray Balloon Notification, Exit and close after macro end, etc.

2. Display Customization:

Hide Menu option allows you to hide the menu from the tool. You may also hid bottom panel, top panel and bottom bar, etc. Customize Text and Font Color very easily and also, you can change the Background color of the tool’s interface.

3. File Association Options:

The macro file will be saved as yourfilename.mmmacro. You can do the .mmmacro file association by enabling the option. Edit Macro on Open option allows you to edit the macro that you have created previously, before you run the macro.

Run Macro on Open option allows you to run the macro upon launching it on your personal computer. So, those are the file association options that you will get with the Mini Mouse Macro software.

4. Program Settings Dispaly:

On the right hand side of the settings panel, the tool will show the status of the settings. Let’s say for example, you have enabled Disable Mouse Playback, Stop Playback on Error and turned off Auto Relist on Play option, you will the status on the right hand side.

5. Record Options:

Recording a macro with a bunch of easy to access features is a boon to the gamers. It has various notable features such as Disable Mouse Click Capture, Disable Drag and Drop, Disable Keyboard Capture, etc. That will help you avoid the misconfiguration of the macros.

Multi Key Capture has Capture Shift, Control, Alt, Left Alt, Right Alt, Left Control, Right Control, etc. This way, it will capture all the keys that you choose.

It also comes with Mouse Capture Ration, Key Capture Options, etc. On the other hand, it will display all the information from the settings that are currently turned on / off on the right hand side of the window.

Download Mini Mouse Macro for Windows 11/10/8.1/7

Here is the tool’s official website where you will be able to download the free version for your windows pc. They also provide the pro version of the tool with more options and 24×7 support to all the eligible pro users. If you want to go with the free version, you can download it from below. The link to the shared software is taken from the sourceforge page of the tool.

   Download It Here

Download the turnssoft’s mini mouse macro for windows from the above link or visit their official website. If you want to know more about it’s installation and usage part, check below.

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How To Install / Use Mini Mouse Macro on Windows PC

Here are the steps that you should be following on your personal computer.

  • Download the tool from the above link on your pc or laptop.
  • Once it is downloaded, you can go the file location and double tap the exe file.
  • Since it is a standalone software, you will see that the software gets opened upon the double tap.
  • Then, you can hit the red color round button to start recording the macro.

mini mouse macro for pc

  • While the macro is recording through the tool, you can do all the on-screen activity that you want to capture for the macro.
  • Once you are done, you can re launch the tool from the system tray and hit the red colored Stop button.
  • Play, Pause, Loop buttons are available in the tool on the right hand side. You can enable “Loop” option if you want to loop the macro that you have created.
  • Pause button will help you pause the macro and you can make the changes to the macro in the mean time.

That’s all you have to follow in order to create a macro using the mini mouse macro software on your pc. If you want to know how to use it in a different level alltogether, we recommend you to go through the features that we have mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Mini Mouse Macro?

Mini Mouse Macro is one of the most advanced macro creator tools developed by turnssoft. It is available for windows operating system only and by using it, you can create various macros to automate the mouse clicks, move moves, keyboard key presses and stuff like that.

Is Mini Mouse Macro Safe?

Mini Mouse Macro is a completely safe macro creator that has no virus / malware.

Where Can I Download Mini Mouse Macro?

You can download mini mouse macro from this page or from Of course! you can download it from the official site as well.

How Do I Create A Macro for My Mouse?

You should have installed mini mouse macro app on your pc or any other macro creator tool. Launch the app and go to "Macro" section in the minimouse macro app and right click on it and tap "Add Entry" option to add tasks to the macro. The tasks that you want to add can be either a key press or a mouse button click.

Are Mouse Macros Bannable?

Some games don't allow mouse macros in their games especially epicgames, lol games, etc. Since they don't allow the macros, users may get banned for using macros.

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