Murgee Auto Clicker – A Paid Tool With Free Trail [Top Rated]

Murgee Auto Clicker is the most successful paid auto clicker which has got a huge user base. There are a lot of features available in it for the paid users and they are also available in the free version as well. We have clearly explained all it’s features in this article. So that, you can either download the trail version from this page or download the paid version from the developer’s website.

The Murgee Auto Clicker is also very well known as Auto Clicker By On the other hand, they also have a bunch of variants with a variety of features in each one of them.

murgee auto clicker for windows 10

You are not left alone, they have an exclusive section for “Tutorials” where the users can go through a lot of how to articles and video tutorials. Okay, let us check out the main features of the auto clicker by website.

Features Of Auto Clicker By

1. Keyboard Shortcut Keys:

The very first feature of the tool is keyboard shortcut keys for Start and Stop. The default key for this section is F6 and you can change it to any other key too. So, when you want to start the auto clicker, you should press the selected keyboard shortcut key. The same should be pressed in order to stop the clicker and it’s as simple as that.

2. Click Only If Mouse Not Moving:

Murgee clicker is a different level of an auto clicker which has click only if mouse is not moving feature. This is a rarest feature which helps you get clicks only when you stop moving your mouse. It means that, while you are moving your cursor while playing games, you won’t get the clicks.

As soon as you stop the cursor at a specific point, clicks will be placed. The best part of it is, you can set the time as well. If you have entered 5 seconds, the murgee autoclicker will place the links only if your pointer is stationary for at least 5 seconds. It allows you change the time to 1 second or less too.

3. Time Delay, Location, Distance, Number Of Clicks:

It allows you enter the total number of clicks that you want from the software. You will get only the specified number of clicks with a pre defined time intervals and at the pre-specified screen points. Otherwise, you can also select “Infinite until Stopped” option in order to get the unlimited number of clicks.

Time Delay is something which stays in between the mouse clicks. You can enter the time delay of your choice and you may also set the “Extra Random Time Delay” in order to be able to get the clicks in a natural way that the game you are playing cannot detect the click action. The time delay and extra random time delay can be configured in hours, minutes, seconds and also milliseconds.

You can select the location for the clicks before you enable the clicker. So that the clicker will generate clicks at the selected locations. One more astonishing feature is that you can set a specific distance from a click to click.

4. Select Mouse Action, Cursor Change & Hide To System Tray:

Under the mouse action, you can select the mouse buttons. The selected mouse button will place the clicks from the tool at the pre-specified location with a pre-configured time delay.

Cursor Change option can be enabled by the users to change the cursor while the murgee auto clicker is in action. It will also display the current status on the tool. You may also set the mouse button shortcut to start the clicks. If you have selected the right mouse button and when pressed, the clicker will start the click action.

Hide to system tray option will hide the tool to the system tray so that, you can access it from there itself. If you want to go with a free app, you can try out the OP AutoClicker on your windows pc.

Download Murgee Auto Clicker for Windows / MacOS

Murgee is a huge brand in the auto clickers industry. They have developed a wide range of tools for each purpose. They have developed a tool to automate group of mouse clicks and the random mouse clicker by murgee is used for automating the clicks with dedicated random time delays.

   Murgee Auto Clickers

The above link has all the variants from the Murgee and you can download any of them. We recommend you very strongly to read the features shared above. Now, you can continue to the installation part below.

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Install AutoClicker By on PC

If you are using a windows computer, below instructions are written for you only.

  • The file that you have downloaded is named as “setup.exe” which is ready to install.
  • Double click the software to install it on your windows pc.

install murgee auto clicker on windows

  • Select the first option “I accept the agreement” and hit “Next” button.

hit next again

  • Hit “Next” button now again to move to the further stages of the installation process.

start menu icon for auto clicker by murgee com

  • Now, you need to select the folder to save the program files of the auto clicker. Once selected, tap “Next >” button once.

create a dekstop shortcut for using it to launch the app

  • If you want to create a desktop shortcut of the app, you should select the first option. Also, you can select the second option to create a quick launch shortcut and finally hit “Next >” button.
  • Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to finish the installation of the murgee autoclicker on windows pc.

That’s all we want to tell you about the murgee mouse clicker through this article. We hope that you are now confident enough to install it and use it on your personal computer. In case of any doubts, you can comment below this article for help.

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