OP Auto Clicker for Mac [Macbook Pro / Air] – Official Release

I have a good news for you all. OP Auto Clicker for Mac OS has been released a few days ago and all the mac users can now make use of it. I am going to show you a step by step procedure to install it on your macbook pro and macbook air or iMac on this article.

We all know that OP Auto Clicker was available for windows based computers from a very long time. Later on, the developers have released it for android devices as well. But recently, they have decided to release a dedicated mac version for all the mac users. Go ahead and grab your copy of OP Auto Clicker for Mac from this page.

op auto clicker for mac

Download OP Auto Clicker Mac Version (Latest Version)

The users of mac devices are lucky enough because the most awaited software is now available for download. You can download it from below and follow the instructions to install it.

   Download Here

If you would like to go wild with the fastest clicks, you can combine Mahdi Auto Clicker and OP on Mac to get the fastest clicks.

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Install OP AutoClicker On Mac [Macbook Pro / Air / iMac]

The software that you have downloaded is a zip file. If you do not know how to install it on your macbook, you can follow the steps described below.

op auto clicker mac version installation process

  • First of all, download op auto clicker on macbook from the above’s download section.
  • Save the file to the desktop location of your macbook.
  • Extract the zip file “opautoclicker_mac.zip” to the desktop.
  • Once the zip file is extracted, you will see the setup file on your macbook’s desktop.
  • Select the file, drag and drop it to the Applications folder on your macbook.
  • Once it is successful, you are done with the installation.

You have now installed the op autoclicker on your macbook so easily. Check out the features of the software so that, you can make use of it in a much better way.

Exclusive Features Of The OP Auto Clicker Mac Version

The features of the op auto clicker mac edition are no different from the windows edition. It is our responsibility to let you know about each feature even though there are no differences between both editions.

op auto clicker mac version features

1. Random Offset

Random offset is a very new feature which has been added to both mac edition and windows edition. By using this feature, the user can set the click interval randomly between the given click interval.

Let me explain it even more clearly. Let’s say you have set the 10 milliseconds as your random offset and you have set the 100 milliseconds as your click interval.

The new click interval will be anything between 90 and 110. So, the random offset value will be anything between the (click interval – random offset) value and (click interval + random offset) value.

2. Get Single Click / Double Click

This is yet another great feature to get either single clicks only or double clicks alone. Being a gamer, you will be able to set the single click for firing (let’s say) and double click for swapping the weapons and vice versa.

Opting the single click under Click Options will allow you start firing in the game while you are playing. On the other hand, opting the double click will swap the weapons. This way, you can enjoy playing all your favorite games the way you want.

3. Get Left Click / Right Click

You can get only left click or only right click from the clicker’s click options. Based on your requirement and gaming choices, you can go with any of them.

Do not forget that you can combine the left / right click with single and double clicks to get the customized output.

4. Repeat The Process For Specific Number Of Times / Repeat Until Stopped

OPs’ Mac edition is no different from that of a windows version. Users can enter the number of times that they want to get the clicks or go for unlimited time as well.

So, in order to configure the amount of clicks, user should go to click repeat options. Choose the first one “Repeat” and enter the number to get specific number of clicks only.

On the other hand, choose the second option “Repeat until stopped” to get continuous clicks until you stop the clicker.

5. Pick Custom Location / Current Cursor Location

If you want the clicks from the clicker only at specific location of the screen, you can get that. Otherwise, you can also get the clicks at places wherever you place your cursor while the auto clicker is turned on.

Current location option is the easiest and simplest one which lets you get clicks the way you want. Whereas the pick location feature is fixed one and you will get clicks only on the place that you have selected from the screen.

6. Create Macros With Keystrokes & Mouse Clicks

You don’t need to download the macro creation tools in order to create the macros. OP’s Mac version auto clicker alone can help you create the macros with the keystrokes and the mouse clicks.

To create a video macro, you should make use of the “Record & Playback” feature. Whenever you hit that option, you will get a toolbar to record and create a video macro. While it is recording the macro, you can press the mouse buttons and keys from the keyboard.

Once the macro is created, save it to the mac to use it later. When the macro is loaded and ready with all your requirements, you can hit “Play” button and see the auto clicker performing the actions that are there in the video macro.

So, you can now set the hotkeys to start and stop the clicker on your macbook. The default hotkey is F6 and you will have to click the “Fn+F6” button to be able to start and stop the clicker on your macbook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Free Auto Clicker for Mac?

Yes, the op auto clicker mac version is a completely free software which costs absolutely zero bucks.

What Is The Most Trusted Auto Clicker for Mac?

OP Auto Clicker is the most trusted auto clicker for mac os x devices like macbook pro, macbook air and iMac, etc.

Does OP Auto Clicker Work on Mac?

Yes! a dedicated software edition for mac os is released by the developers and it is working very well on MacOS X based devices since it's launch.

Why Should You Download It?

It's because that it can help you generate unlimited number of clicks at desired locations of your macbook without getting crashed. It's very easy to use, well executed, minimalistic in terms of the user interface.

Where Can You Run This Program?

It is a dedicated mac version and you can run this program across all your mac os based devices. It has been tested on various models of macbook air, macbook pro and iMac computers so, you can also use it on them.

How To Auto Click On Mac?

Get the op autoclicker for your macbook and then, install it by following the tips that we've shared on this article and launch the app. Set the click interval and other sections like click type, number of clicks and click area and finally, press the Function Key + F6 Key to auto click on your macbook.

How Do You Double CPS On A Mac?

You can double and triple cps by using the auto clicker on mac. Make sure to adjust the click interval from high time to low time in order to get the fastest clicks there by increased cps.

Is There A Better Alternative To It?

There are some very good alternative tools and people used to try them before they found the op autoclicker mac version. But from the time it is available for mac devices, people are not looking for any alternative app because the kind of features that it has are unmatchable with any other app.

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