How To Play Clicker Heroes By Using The Auto Clicker?

Clicker Heroes is one of the most popular clicker games out there in the google play store, apple app store and windows store as well. Back in the days, it was launched as a browser based game and later on, the developers have made it for the android devices, windows devices and mac devices.

It is a free game but it has a lot of in-game purchases like special tools, character upgrades, etc. Auto Clicking option is one of those in-app purchases and you should do that by spending your hard earned money. If you want to enjoy auto clicking without paying any money, you can do that.

Yes, you can play clicker heroes game by using the auto clicker software on all of your devices. Although there are multiple auto clickers available in the internet, we prefer op autoclicker to explain the steps. We recommend you the same and of course, it’s one of the easiest auto clickers to configure and start using.

What Are The Advantages Of Playing Clicker Heroes With An Auto Clicker?

There are actually a lot of advantages associated with it. One of them is, the players who use the auto clicker software can play the game to their fullest satisfaction. On the other hand, the players can upgrade their game charactor without actually having to purchase any coins and levels.

Moreover, the gamers can beat their opponents and destroy them no matter how strong they are. Give it a try by following the below instructions and let us know what are the advantages of using according to you.

How To Play Clicker Heroes With OP Auto Clicker?

Before you get started with the tool to play your favorite game, you must download and install it. Don’t worry, we have shared all the necessary details that helps.

  • First things first, go to the OP Auto Clicker’s Download Page from here and download the latest version from there.
  • Once it is downloaded, you don’t have to install it like the other auto clickers such as GS Auto Clicker, etc.
  • Go to Windows store on your windows pc and download it from there, if you haven’t get it already.

clicker heroes on windows store for pcs

  • You can download it on your iOS from appstore and mac on mac’s appstore.
  • Otherwise, you can play the game by going to the web version from this link.
  • Okay, it’s now time to launch the

play clicker heroes with op auto clicker

  • Setup the auto clicker to be able to get the fastest clicks in order to play the clicker heroes game.
  • Set the click inteval to any number below to the 100 milliseconds.
  • Choose the “Left” mouse button because it works well with the left mouse cllicks.
  • On top of that, we also recommend you select the “Single” click in combination with the left mouse button to get the best click rate.
  • Once you are set with the settings, you can hit “Start” button manually or press the hotkey to start the auto clicker software to allow it for clicking.

Here Are Some More Guides For You:

You can actually use the same auto clicker that we have recommended here to play any game. For that matter, it works well with Roblox, Minecraft and Cookie Clicker as well. In case if you need any more help regarding it’s setup or usage, you can let us know through the comments box available below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use An Auto Clicker On Clicker Heroes?

Why not? you can use an auto clicker app to play clicker heroes game. You can easily destroy the mosters by automating the clicks on them. That will surely help you a leve up hero and activate various skills when a hero is ready and eligible.

What Is The FPS Cap for Clicker Heroes?

30 Frames per second is the updated FPS cap for clicker heroes game.

How Do You Auto Advance Clicker Heroes?

In general, you need to complete level 100 and then a boot with wings will be shown up at the right side of the gaming screen. You may tap there for auto advance. On the other hand, it's not easy to beat the level 100 manually so you may use an auto clicker software.

What Is The Highest Zone In Clicker Heroes?

Zone 100 is the highest zone in the clicker heroes game and a gilded hero will be awareded for beating the highest zone. Moreover, it depends completely upon the kind of hero that you choose to play.

Can Clicker Heroes Detect Auto Clickers?

Extensive use of an auto clicker is definitely a bad idea and that might cause a ban from the clicker heroes game when detected. So, it's recommended to use it wisely to skip or bypass bans in the clicker heroes game.

How Long Does It Take To 100% Clicker Heroes?

Based on the time stats of the TureAchievements members who have completed the game, it takes approximately 300 to 500 hours on an average. However, it depends on how man hours you play a day and how tactical you are.

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