How To Play Free Fire With Auto Clicker On Your Mobile?

You can actually play a lot of games on your android phone with / without auto clickers. But an auto clicker will give you bunch of advanced features using which you can have different level of gaming experience. In this article, we are going to see the tips and tricks to play free fire with auto clicker on your android devices.

We all know about free fire game which is currently one of the most downloaded android games across the globe. A lot of youth are going crazy over it but on the other side, some techies have started using advanced tools to crack down the tough levels very easily. If you would like to be one among them, then you should read this article.

play free fire with auto clicker

What Kind Of Auto Clicker Apps Are Needed To Play Free Fire?

Since free fire is a mobile game, you need to have a good android auto clicker with you for sure. Know any app? don’t worry, we have shared some of the best apps for android mobiles below. You can pick any of them and follow the guidelines to install and set up them.

You can install any of them on your android phone or tablet and all of them are currently working without any errors, lags and crashes. Okay, let’s now see the process of using them to play your favorite mobile games.

Steps To Play Free Fire With Auto Clicker App on Your Smartphone

In order to explain the steps to you, I have selected “Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap” application. You can download that by using the link shared above. It is avaialble on google play store and grant the permissions if asked any, after it’s installation.

  • Firstly, launch the Auto Clicker – Automatic Tap application on your android phone or tablet.
  • Once it is launched, pick either Single Target Mode or Multi Target Mode based on your gaming requirements.
  • We have selected the Single Target Mode for now. Hit the gear icon or the term “Settings” to configure the settings of that mode.
  • Now, you will be able to see some options such as Anti-Detection, Run Indefinitely, Amount Of Time, Number Of Cycles, etc.
  • Turn on the anti-detection option and enter the number of clicks at number of cycles section. Now, you can either select the run indefinitely option to make it run until you stop it. Or, you can enter the amount of time to limit the flow of the clicks.
  • In the single target mode, you will get a pointer on the screen along with the toolbar on the left hand side of the screen.

single target mode settings to play freefire

  • Means that, wherever you place that pointer while playing, it will generate the clicks at that particular point (screen location).
  • Once setting up the auto clicker is done, you can minimize the app.
  • Even after minimizing the app, you can see a floating task bar of the auto clicker on the screen of your mobile device.
  • Now, launch the free fire game and head to any position of the game and play it manually until you need the user of an auto clicker.
  • Whenever you come across your opponent or your enemy in the game, hit the “Blue Color Play Button” on the floating tool bar to start the clicks.
  • That will start generating the clicks from the auto clicker app that you are currently using.

The instructions that we have shared above are only for the Single Target Mode. You can try out the multi target mode by picking multiple locations for the clicks.

How To Get Auto Head Shot With Auto Clicker on Free Fire?

Would you like to get the auto head shot without having to use any third party applications? then you must follow the below tips.

  • First of all, download either op auto clicker apk or auto clicker – automatic tap on your android devices.
  • Launch the application and enable the Multi Target Mode. Once it is enabled, you will get a floating tool bar on the screen of your mobile device.
  • Launch the Free Fire game on your mobile phone and select the targets (multiple targets). Tap the “+” sign to add the targets. Drag the targets to your desired locations on the screen.
  • We recommend you select the 4 targets in which target 1 and target 2 on the scroll wheel as shown in the below image.

free fire auto headshot with auto clicker

  • Place your Target 3 and Target 4 also as shown in the above image.
  • Edit the target’s delay time for each of your 4 targets and make sure that it is 80 milliseconds or less.

delay time for the auto head shot using auto clicker

  • Tap the blue colored Play button and see how it works in the execution of an auto head shot in free fire with auto clicker.
  • These instructions are just for your idea and you can customize the settings to your liking.

If you need any help regarding the setup of the multi target mode or anything else, comment below this article for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Pay Any Money For Using Auto Clicker In Free Fire?

No! you do not have to pay any money for using the auto clicker. In fact, there is no such option of payments but yes, if you use the paid auto clicker, you must have to pay the money.

Can You Get Banned For Using Auto Clicker In Free Fire?

Auto clicking is neither hacking nor exploiting so, it's safe to use the auto clickers. But, keep in mind that over use of auto clicking can get you the trouble. What do I mean by over use is the countless number of automatic clicks in very less time leads to bans.

How Do I Auto Emote In Free Fire With Auto Clicker?

Auto emote is a cool trick that makes your game character express their self in different forms. fast emote with auto clicker in free fire Choose multi target mode and add targets on body, scroll wheel and emote style and hit the play button to emote yourself in the game.

Can We Do Auto Headshot In Free Fire?

Yes! we can do auto headshot in free fire using auto clicker or macro creator tool. Select the click target in the clicker as "Cursor Location" so that whenever you place your cursor on the head of the opponent in the game and enable the auto clicker, that will carry out the auto headshot in freefire.

Does Free Fire Have Auto Aim?

No! free fire game does not have auto aim feature. If you want to get auto aim in the free fire game, you should definitely try out the auto clicker software that we have shared in this article.

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