How To Play Hero Wars By Using The Auto Clicker?

The demand and craze for the MMORPG games is increasing day by day. Hero Wars is one of those games that millions of gamers love playing from around the globe. It is available in google play for android devices, and it’s also available for windows users, mac users and iOS devices.

In order to play it to the fullest, you need to build your heroes in the game. That heroes will help you achieve your goals in playing and destroying your opponents in the game. This way, you will be able to move to the more advanced levels. But wait, it’s really a tough job to build the heroes manually because it involves a lot of manual clicking.

Why Should You Prefer Using An Auto Clicker To Play Hero Wars Game?

I guess you can understand the trouble that is associated with the manual clicking. It requires a lot of effort from your hand, there are chances that your mouse may get broken sooner or later. So, you can prefer auto clicking to save yourself from the issues associated with the manual clicking.

hero wars auto clicker gameplay

Using the auto clicker software will save a lot of time for you. So, you can easily upgrade the game levels within a short span of time. On the other hand, you can take care of your hand’s health and avoid any kind of mouse wear and tear.

How To Play Hero Wars Game With Auto Clicker Software?

I don’t know whether you want to play it on your android phone or a pc. But don’t worry, we have a solution for all the platforms such as android, iOS, Windows and MacOS, etc. The solutions are completely different, let’s have a look below.

For Android Users:
  • If you are an android mobile user, you might want to play hero wars game on your phone or tablet.
  • For that, you should Download OP Auto Clicker APK for Android devices from our website.
  • Since it is an android application and that too from an unknown developer, you should enable some permissions on your mobile device.
  • Go to Unknown Sources option by following the path: Settings > Security > Developer Options > Unknown Sources.
  • Enable the Unknown Sources option now.
  • Now, go to the apk file on your android phone (if you have downloaded the application).
  • Double tap the apk file and hit “Install” button and finish it by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once it is done, you can simply launch it and setup the screen gestures, auto clicks from the left or right or middle mouse buttons.
  • On the other hand, you should also check out the other options and configure the application to get the automatic clicks.
For Windows Users:
  • Windows users are the mostly luckiest people on this earth because we all have a dedicated auto clicker software.
  • Go to our home page opautoclicker.onl and navigate to the download page.
  • Download the most recent version that we have shared on our download page.
  • Double click the software after it is downloaded, surprisingly, you will see the software’s interface without having to install it.
  • Once it is launched, set the click interval to 10 or 20 milliseconds.
  • Now, do not change the click options such as Left Mouse button Single Click. Because, the left mouse button and single click combination is the best one.
  • Now, you can leave the other options untouched in order to be able to get the maximum output that you can.
  • You are almost ready, launch the game and just start playing it.
For MacOS Users:
  • Mac users can now Download OP Auto Clicker for Mac based pcs because it’s availablle to download.
  • Alternatively, the mac users can also try out the Mahdi Auto Clicker software.
  • We have written down clear cut instructions to install the auto clicker software on your mac based pcs.
  • Follow the instructions and set it up the way you like playing the Hero Wars Game and happy playing.

Play Hero Wars With Below Auto Clickers:

We have shared the best tips that you can follow in order to play your favorite game Hero Wars. If you would like to play Clicker Heros, Minecraft etc., you can do that by following the instructions available on this page. Do not forget to check out the Best Auto Clicker To Play Roblox Games guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Auto Clicker To Play Hero Wars Game?

Yes, you can use the auto clicker software to play the hero wars game. Keep in mind that extensive use of the auto clicker software is not recommended because the might cause a soft ban in the game.

Can Hero Wars Detect Auto Clickers?

Not only Hero Wars, most of the online games can detect the usage of auto clickers.

How Do I Use AutoClicker In Hero Wars?

Since the Hero Wars is an online game, you should be able to pre download and pre-setup the autoclicker with whatever settings that we have shared in this article. When you want to participate in war in the game, press the hotkey Fn + F6 to start the auto clicker so that it does the prescribed job for you.

Can I Use Multiple Auto Clicker Apps To Play Hero Wars?

Of course! you can use as many tools as you may want to use. But, what is the use? individual tools will place clicks at different places or all at once and that might cause a browser freeze or crash. So, better go with only one auto clicker at a time and if you don't like, pick the next one.

Can I Use Auto Clicker Extension To Play Browser Based Hero Wars Game?

Definitely yes, you can download it from here if you want to use. But, keep in mind that the browser extension version of the auto clicker is definitely limited. It's recommended to use only if you are playing the game on your Chromebook.

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