How To Play Skyrim With The OP Auto Clicker?

Skyrim is one of the most popular action role playing games in the market. A lot of gamers are showing their interest to play it because it is packed with a lot of adventures. The gamer’s charactor building, skill improvement will make him strong to destroy the Alduin (the world-eater). The gameplay is a lot interesting and as a player, you need a lot of skill in order to destroy the enemy.

Even though it is a difficult game to play, everyone should try it playing at least once in their lifetime. Having said that, you need good skills and quest for the Alduin in order to wipe him out of the world that you were in the game. If you want to do it with the help an auto clicker, you can do that quite easily.

On this article, we are going to help you play skyrim with op auto clicker. It is one of the most loved auto clickers because it’s very easy to use, have a lot of features and super handy when you play Role Playing games.

play skyrim with op auto clicker

What Is OP Auto Clicker Actually?

OP AutoClicker is a click automation tool developed and maintained by “MouseTool”. It’s nothing but a computer program which is standalone and requires no traditional installation methods.

It can help you configure the automatic clicks to play games such as Skyrim, Roblox, Cookie Clicker and Minecraft, etc. You can use it as your help to bring out the best skills in you while playing your favorite games.

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How To Play Skyrim Using OP Auto Clicker?

We have some tips and instructions for you to play your favorite skyrim game.

  • First of all, download the autoclicker from it’s Download Page here.
  • Double click the exe file in order to launch the tool directly without any kind of installations and all.
  • Once it is launched, you will see the clean UI without any pre-configurations.
  • Now, you should make changes to it’s settings such as Click Interval, Click Type, Click Location, etc. Don’t worry, it will be a cakewalk for you because you are reading this guide.
  • Change the default 100 milliseconds click interval to anything you want. We recommend you to put the click interval in milliseconds only because that will get you fast clicks. If you want faster clicks, reduce it to 10 or 5 milliseconds.
  • Now, you may opt in for “Random Offset” feature. Enter any number in accordance with the click interval time that you have entered. Random Offset will create a boundary for the click interval that you’ve entered and generates the random click interval between all the consecutive clicks.
  • Now, you may leave “Left” mouse button under click option as it is. Otherwise, you can change it to Right or Middle mouse buttons.
  • Leave “Single” as your click type or go for the “Double” click based on your need.
  • Enter Click Repeat Number under it’s tab to get the fixed number of clicks only. Otherwise, you can choose “Repeat until stopped” option to receive continuous clicks until you stop the software.
  • Select the click location from your screen by going to the optoin “Pick Location” under Cursor Position.
  • Once all set, hit “Start” button or press the “Fn+F6” button and you can press the same to stop it.

This is how you can actually play skyrim using any auto clicker software. The only difference between different auto clickers is the options that you deal with. It’s not that all the auto clickers will have the same options but you can give it a try with the available options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Skyrim With Auto Clicker?

Of course, you can play skyrim with auto clicker app on your android phone, windows pc and macbook. If you want to know how to play skyrim using the auto clicker, you should read this guide then.

Can Skyrim Detect Auto Clickers?

Yes! the skyrim game can detect most of the auto clickers out there in the internet. But there are some exceptions out of which the op auto clicker is undetectable.

Is An Auto Clicker Bannable In Skyrim?

Yes! there are a high number of chances that you will get banned if skyrim detects the usage of an auto clicker software.

How Do I Setup Auto Clicker To Play Skyrim?

Download the auto clicker of your choice (We recommend you orphamiel auto clicker). Open the tool and choose left click under click type, do not change the default click interval settings, then, select the cursor location option for the cursor position settings. Hit the hotkey F6 to start the clicker and done! you can play skyrim now.

Is Drag Clicking Possible In Skyrim?

Drag Clicking is possible only with manual clicking. To do that, make sure that you are using a mouse not a touchpad. Glid your finger through the left mouse button by pressing from top to bottom. Do not press it hard and do not lift the finger while drag clicking.

How To Get Butterfly Clicks In Skyrim Using Auto Clicker?

In general, if you want the butterfly clicks, you will have to use your any two finters placed at different locations and press there with alternative fingers one by one. Whereas in the auto clickers, you can set the two screen locations under cursor position section to get the butterfly clicks in skyrim.

Let us know what you think about this guide. Also, do let us know if you need any help about playing skyrim with auto clickers and macro creation tools, thank you.

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