How To Refresh A Webpage Automatically Using The Auto Clicker

Do you want to refresh a webpage automatically on your pc?. You can do that without having to click that “Reload” button on your web browser. No matter which browser you use, be it Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge or Safari, Opera, Brave Browser and so on. You can refresh the web page automatically with OP Auto Clicker.

In this article, we are going to show you a step by step procedure that you need to follow in order to refresh a webpage. For that, you must need to have OP Auto Clicker software on your pc. Let’s go ahead and sort out the things according to our requirement.

Steps To Refresh A Webpage Automatically With OP Auto Clicker?

OP Auto Clicker is an automation toolkit by nature. It is being used by many people like gamers, web surfers around the globe. Let’s check out the steps that you have been waiting for, below.

  • Download The Auto Clicker Latest Version from our Download Page.
  • Once it is downloaded, go to the folder location; Desktop or Downloads folder.
  • Double Click opautoclicker file or right click on it and hit “Run” option.
  • The software will be opened up and you have to open your web browser.

op auto clicker home page

  • Enter the click interval settings as shown in the above image. Make sure that you put 0 Hours, 0 Mins, 1 Secs and 0 Milliseconds.
  • It means that you are asking the auto clicker to place a click every one second.

select left click option for refreshing web page

  • Now, go to Click Options and select the “Left” option for “Mouse Button” menu and choose “Single” for “Click Type” option.

select how many times you want to refresh a web page

  • Go to Click Repeat Options and select “Repeat” option and enter the number of your choice. Whatever the number you enter there is nothing but the number of times that you want to refresh the web page. So, enter the number manually or go with “Repeat Until Stopped” option.

choose location for op auto clicker to refresh web page

  • Now, select the location to refresh the web page. Hit “Pick Location” button and move your cursor onto the web browser.

select location of the browser to refresh the page

  • Click on the “Refresh” button of your web browser. The Auto Clicker will not detect the location of the button in the form of X and Y coordinates.

op auto clicker is all set to refresh webpage

  • Finally, hit the “Start” button or press the hotkey “F6” which is a default hotkey to start the auto clicker.

refresh webpage with op auto clicker

  • Now, you can see that the op auto clicker is clicking at the refresh button of your web browser. Thereby refreshing the webpage is going on.

Below Are The Tools That Can Do The Job:

What Are The Benefits Of Refreshing A Webpage By Using The Auto Clicker?

There are various advantages associated with this. Check out the list that we have shared below, to understand it better.

  • To check the scores of a cricket team, football match and other games
  • To check results of some competetion
  • For Bloggers and Web Developers while making changes to their website

Have any idea about the advantages of it? let us know in the comments below this page, Thank You.

This is how you can setup the settings to refresh a webpage on safari or microsoft edge browser or any other web browser. Got a question? let’s read our FAQ page to find out the answer to your question.

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