Smart Auto Clicker APK for Android (v1.5.4) Updated Version

Smart Auto Clicker is an open source autoclicker app for android devices. By using it, you can automate a lot of tasks on your android mobile or tablet. Everyone with an android phone can use it especially for gaming. If you would like to know more about it like how to download / install and use it, read this article.

When it comes to autoclickers, we have a plenty good options. OP Auto Clicker for Android is one such an option which helps you play all your favorite mobile games.

But, if you want to have a full advantage over automating the games and other tasks, you should try out Smart Auto Clicker APK right away.

smart auto clicker apk

Why You Need Smart AutoClicker for Your Android Device?

I will try my best to explain why you should have on your android device.

  • Smart AutoClicker is a very responsive application which can be used on any android device. It will fit your screen irrespective of the screen size and works at it’s best.
  • It has no glitches and no errors at all.
  • Regular Updates to the application made it one of the Go-To autoclickers for android devices.
  • Gets you the clicks exactly at the X and Y coordinates that you pre-specify in the app.
  • Works efficiently in the background without draining your battery. If you would like to cross check the battery usage and optimize the performance, you may visit website.
  • You can create various tasks for each game that you play and initiate the individual tasks whenever you want them.
  • Delay Before Next Click is a very nice option using which, you can enter the delay between the clicks in milliseconds. That will properly delay the clicks and you will be able to get the clicks the way you want.
  • Tolerated Difference is something which is very unique in it. It helps you get the accurate clicks and of course! you can alter it to get random clicks at some point of time.
  • Display Over Other Apps is something which is common in most of the android auto clickers. But, Smart Auto Clicker will get you tiny bar on the screen with all the required options.

Download Smart Auto Clicker APK [v1.5.4] for Android Devices

It is developed by a Github user Nain57 whose very active in providing the regular updates to the app. The current version is 1.5.4 which is free from bugs and previously reported errors. You can download it from below now.

      Download Here

Downloaded it? let’s check out the below instructions to install it, if you don’t know how to do it on your own. By the way, do not forget to Download Easy Auto Clicker APK for Android devices.

Below Are Some Very Good Alternatives:

How To Install Smart Auto Clicker APK on Android Devices?

Since it is an android app package (apk) file, you should make some changes to the settings. Let’s go through the steps one by one and learn the installation process.

unknown sources for smart autoclicker android

  • Firstly, Download the apk file from the above section on your android device.
  • Open Settings app on your android device.
  • Go to Lock Screen and Security under the settings of your device.
  • Tap “Developer Options” and then hit “Unknown Sources”.
  • Turn on (or) Toggle on unknown sources option if it is turned off by default.
  • Come back to the “Downloads” folder on your device.
  • Click the smartautoclicker.apk file to start the installation process.
  • Now, click “Install” button and wait until you see the next screen.
  • Finally, hit “Done” or “Close” button to wrap up the installation process.

That’s all! you are done with the installation process. You can now launch the app on your android phone or tablet and configure it the way you want. Finally, play all the games that you love playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smart AutoClicker Free?

Yes! it is a free android auto clicker and everyone can download it from here and start using it for free.

Is Smart Auto Clicker Safe?

Absolutely Safe! it's one of the most trusted and loved android auto clicker apps till date.

Who Is The Developer Of This App?

The name of the developer is Nain57 according to their developer profile.

How To Click Super Fast Using Smart Auto Clicker?

If you want to click super fast, you should alter the "Delay Before Next Click" section. Make sure to have a very low value for it in order to get the fastest clicks.

How To Activate Smart AutoClicker?

In order to activate the smart autoclicker on your android device, you should first create a "Click Scenario" profile with all important aspects such as Click Delay, Click Type and Number of Clicks, etc. Once the profile is created, a small floating toolbar will open up on your mobile device with all required buttons. Tap "Play" button to activate the auto clicker application and to receive the clicks.

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