Speed Auto Clicker – Extreme Fast Auto Clicker for Gaming

It is no wonder that every gamer wants to have an extreme fast auto clicker for gaming purposes. Because, having a tool which can help them play on their behalf and save the time and effort gives them immense happiness. If you also think in the same way, you should definitely try out the Speed Auto Clicker.

Since you have come to our page to get the software, it’s our responsibility to explain important things and facts about it. Actually, there are two different versions available in the name of “Speed Auto Clicker”. One is developed by Fabian Schlieper and another one is by speedautoclicker.net website.

On this article, we are going to help you download both of them. But before that, it is recommended to go through the features of each of them and then download it for your windows pc.

Speed Auto Clicker By fabi.me (Fabian Schlieper)

This one is truly an awesome tool because it is light weight, and can click upto 50,000 times per second. Wait, do you really need it? if so, you should have a high end personal computer which can handle the click rate. Find the download link below, but go to the official site (https://fabi.me) to know more about it.

   Download From Official Source

You can hit the above button to download it from the official servers and all the credits goes to fabi.me only. If you like the tool, you can donate him few cents by going to donate option on his website. By the way, check out the features of the tool now.

Speed Auto Clicker Download for PC

Features Of Fabi Speed AutoClicker

  • Light Weight: It is a small tool which is of 2.12 MB in size.
  • Standalone: It is an independent app which requires no installation process on your pc.
  • Activation Through Key: The user can set any activation key to start the clicker. It can be a mouse button or a key from your keyboard or it can be a key combination as well.
  • Activation Mode: There are two different modes of activation known as Hold & Toggle. You can select any of them to set it as your key activation method. If you select hold, you should press and hold the activation key in order to start the clicker. On the other hand, Toggle is for single press and release.
  • Wonderful UI for Mouse Click Selection: It has an awesome user interface that shows which mouse button that you have selected. You can clearly see the visuals of the mouse buttons changing when switching between the Left, Right and Middle Mouse buttons.
  • Click Rate Customization: You can literally customize the click rate conveniently. This feature is not present even in the OP Auto Clicker. Users can enter the number of clicks they want per second. On the other hand, you have two options.
  • Enable Click Limit: It allows you set the click limit of your choice. You can use this feature to limit the flow of the clicks to be able to avoid fps related issues such as screen lags and cuts while playing the games.
  • Available In English & Dutch Languages: The Speed Auto Clicker by Fabi supports both English and Dutch languages. So, you can switchover the language any time you may want.

It’s time to check out the other one with the sasme name. You have the freedom to pick any of them, let’s go ahead and know about the second speed auto clicker software as well.

Few More Extremely Fast Auto Clickers:

Free Speed Auto Clicker By speedautoclicker.net

This is yet another awesome auto clicker software available for Windows Operating System only. According to it’s official website, the mac version and linux versions are under construction and they are not yet ready for the release.

   Download From Official Source

The download link is taken from it’s official website. You can visit the speedautoclicker.net to know more about the tool. The developer have made it as a simple looking yet powerful auto clicker especially for gamers and software developers. Check out the features shared below to understand it’s usage clearly.

Free Speed Auto Clicker for Windows

Features Of .Net Speed AutoClicker

  • Regular Updates: Users will get timely updates to the app.
  • Convenient Hotkeys: It has the hotkey facility so that the users will be able to set for Start and Stop actions.
  • Mouse Click Type: Just like the other software, this once also have clicks from Left, Right and Middle mouse buttons.
  • Activation Modes: Hold and Switch methods are available for the activation. Which means that you need to press and hold the given hotkey to start and stop the action. On the other hand, Switch option will get you the clicks as long as you hold the clicks and releasing it will stop the action.
  • Anti Detection Click Rate: Two different click rates are available in it. The first one is Variation and the next one is Unlimited. Variation helps you change the click interval randomly whereas the Unlimited gives you continous clicks until stopped using the hotkey.
  • Click Counter: This will show you the number clicks that are placed.
  • Click Limitation: You can set the limit of clicks by entering the number. Which means that you will receive the number of clicks only what you have entered.

That’s all about this article! I hope you have enjoyed reading it. Let us know what you think about the information shared in this article about the Speed AutoClicker. If you need any special help from us, do let us know through the comment box below, thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Auto Clicker Is The Fastest?

Speed Auto Clicker is the fastest auto clicker which clicks 50000 times per second and it's an absolute joy to watch it click with super fast cps rate.

How Do I Make My Auto Clicker Faster?

Adjust the click interval settings to as low as possible in order to make your auto clicker faster. Otherwise, download and install the speed autoclicker which works really fast than the other auto clickers.

What Is The Fastest Auto Clicker In 2023?

Speed AutoClicker is the fastest auto clicker from a very long time and it continues to be the number 1 in 2023 as well.

There Are Two Auto Clickers With The Name SpeedAutoClicker, Which One To Download?

One app is developed by Fabi.me and the other tool is developed by the speedautoclicker.net. You can download whichever tool you like the most but our recommendation is the speedautoclicker by fabi.me.

Is SpeedAutoClicker Available for Mobile?

No! this app is currently not available for mobile devices such as Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad). There is no update either from fabi.me and speedautoclicker.net about their app's release for the android / iOS platforms.

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