TinyTask Auto Clicker – Download Latest Version (v1.77) for Windows

Ever wanted to create a macro that does the job for you automatically? If yes, continue reading this article. TinyTask is one of the most famous macro creators for the gamers, software developers, app developers, etc. If you belong to any of those categories, you should definitely try out the tinytask app right now.

It is a light weight and standalone application and currently available for windows operating system only. The user can start recording the macro and perform all the click actions and mouse moves, etc. If you want to include any special actions such as copying files from a folder to folder, you can do that as well. Let’s know more about the tool before you download it.

What Is TinyTask Auto Clicker?

It is a combination of an auto clicker and macro creator. Because, it can auto click for you and also, it is able to record those actions for you. The best part is that you can speed up your macro by a maximum of 100 times.

TinyTask Download

So, you will be able to get the clicks as fast as possible. Check out some important details about the app to know more about it.

App NameTinyTask
App Versionv1.77
File Size35.3 KB
CategoryMacro Creator
Playback Speed0.5x to 100x
Custom SpeedAvailable
Continous PlaybackAvailable
Repeat Playback LoopsAvailable
Always On Top Yes
Recording HotkeyCtrl + Shift + Alt + R
Playback HotkeyCtrl + Shift + Alt + P
Show Captions Available
Use Default ToolbarYes
Use Custom ToolbarAvailable
Save MacrosYes

Download TinyTask for Windows PC | Latest Version (1.77)

It is one of the safest auto clickers that you can blindly rely upon. You won’t see any restrictions while downloading it on your windows pc. The only concern is that it is available for windows pcs only. If you are using the macbook, you can try out OP Auto Clicker Mac edition or Mahdi Auto Clicker.

      Download Here

The file should be saved to your pc straight away because it is of a small file size. You don’t need to install it on your desktop so, we are not sharing any instructions with regards to the installation process.

How To Use TinyTask To Create / Save / Import / Use Macros?

  • Launch TinyTask.exe on Windows by double clicking the app.
  • Once it is launched, you can press “Rec” button to create the macro.
  • While the macro is recording, you can place clicks manually on the screen.
  • Moreover, you can also type anything to record the key strokes as well.
  • Once you are done with the macro creation, hit “Save” button and enter any name for the macro and click “OK”.
  • Let’s say that you have now created a macro and wants to open it, you can do that by clicking the “Open” option. Select the macro and hit “Play” button to execute the macro.
  • If you wish to save the macro in .exe format, you can do that easily. Hit “Rec” button and finish the recording of a macro and then, hit “.exe” option to save it as an executable file.
  • Whenever you want to execute the macro saved as an executable file, you can double click the file to run it directly.

That is all you need to know about creating macros and executing them. We have also shared how you can create an executable macro using tinytask. Let’s now go through some more useful tips shared below.

TinyTask Preferences / Settings:

To access the settings, go to “Prefs” section of the app. Read the individual sections shared below to understand how you can use them.

Preferences of TinyTask for Windows

  • Play Speed:

Play Speed has 4 default thresholds. They are Play Speed 1/2, Play Speed 1x, Play Speed 2x, and Play Speed 100x. You can select any of them to increase the speed of the macro. Apart from the thresholds, it also has Custom Playback Speed. So, if you want to run the macro in a specific speed, you can do that easily.

  • Playback Loops:

Playback Loops is really a great option for those who want to execute their macro endlessly. Fortunately, Tiny Task app has Set Playback Loops option. Go to the option and enter the number of times to get that many number of repeats of your macro. Or else, you can select “Continuous Playback” option in order to repeat the macro until you stop it by pressing a macro.

  • Recording / Playback Hotkeys:

You are not left alone, you don’t need to hit that Start and Stop buttons manually unlike the OP Auto Clicker. It allows you select the Recording Hotkey and Playback Hotkey from the available options.

  • Default Recording Hotkey Options
      • Control + Shift + Alt + R
      • Printscreen (PrtScn)
      • F8
      • F12
  • Default Playback Hotkey Options
      • Control + Shift + Alt + P
      • Printscreen (PrtScn)
      • F8
      • F12

Note: If the selected hotkey is one of the function keys, you should press (Fn) key in a combination with the hotkey. For example, (Fn + F8) or (Fn + F12).

Along with all above options and settings, it comes with “Always On Top” option. You can select that option if you want to use the floating toolbar on top of the screen even while the macro is in execution. One more thing is that, you may also use the custom toolbar by including / excluding some of the available options and buttons.

Not Happy With It? Don’t Worry, You Have Some Better Apps:

That is all about TinyTask Auto Clicker for Windows based personal computers. Follow our guide and understand the tool’s usage to play the games effortlessly and enjoy endlessly. Have questions? check out the below section before you post your question in the comments box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TinyTask Safe?

It is a safe application which is free from virus and malware. We have scanned the file on www.virustotal.com and found no threats in the application.

Is TinyTask Free?

Yes! it is a free tool and all thanks to the developer who made it a free resource.

Is TinyTask Allowed On Blox Fruits?

Auto clicking with it is allowed on blox fruits but Auto Farming in the game is not allowed.

Can You Get Banned For Using TinyTask?

Not always but you may get banned sometimes for using the tinytask. Some games will allow users to use the auto clickers but some games won't and one such game is Destiny 2.

Can You Get Banned In Roblox For Using TinyTask?

It is completely safe as far as you use it naturally but still there is a risk of getting banned. So, use the tool wisely to avoid temporary and permanent bans in roblox.

How Do I Stop TinyTask From Recording?

If you notice that the tool is recording a macro and you want to stop it, just hit the "Rec" button which is in the red color while recording.

Does TinyTask Record Keyboard?

Yes! it can record keyboard actions such as key presses and strokes along with the mouse clicks and mouse movements.

How Do I Make TinyTask Repeat?

If you want to repeat the macro, you will have to turn on the option "Set Playback Loops" and give it the number of times that you want the tool to repeat the macro.

What Is Tiny Task Portable Version?

A portable version of any application is nothing but a standalone version which doesn't require installation and carry the file using any portable device such as a pen drive, memory card (SD card), etc.

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