Auto Clicker By Polar for Windows PCs [Free Download]

Auto Clicker By Polar 2.1 is the latest version which comes with a decent user interface. It has some of the features that you might want to use when configuring the clicker for automating the mouse clicks and key strokes.

To be frank, the available options and settings are some what limited compared to the OP Auto Clicker and Forge Auto Clicker, etc. But still, if you want to download it, you can continue reading this article and get the software.

auto clicker by polar download

Download Auto Clicker By Polar 2.1 for Windows 10/8.1/7/11 PC

It is a simple tool which is completely free from the traditional installation procedures. You can download the tool from below and just double click the software to launch it directly. The only dark side of the tool is that, it’s available only for windows computers and not available for Mac and Linux.

      Download It Here

If you have downloaded the software from above, you can check out the guidelines shared below to start using it right away. Even though, it has a less number of features, it’s still a helpful piece of software for you.

Below are the instructions that tells you everything about the tool’s functionalities. If you want to play any games of your choice by making using of the auto clicker by polar or any other tool, consider reading the below articles written for you.

How To Use AutoClicker By Polar on PC [Windows]

Here is a set of instructions that you may find helpful in setting up the clicker.

  • Double click the app (software) on your windows computer or laptop.
  • Enter the number of clicks that you want besides the “Number of Repeats” section.
  • If you want clicks from the right mouse button, select the “Right Click” option. Deselecting it will select the Left Clicks by default.
  • Enter the Time To Sleep in milliseconds. Once the time that you have entered is reached, the tool will go into the sleep mode.
  • Now, you can select the spots for the clicks by selecting “Add Position” button. You literally have no limits, pick as many points as you may want. Once the list is generated, you can modify them by altering the click coordinates and also remove any of the clicks from the list.
  • It comes with the default hotkeys for both Starting and Stopping the action. If you want to have a different set of hotkeys, you can modify them under “Options” section.

That’s all I want to say about the tool. Now, it’s your turn to make it big with your own requirements. Since it has some limited options, you may try out the other apps. Check out the Best Auto Clickers for Windows and other devices. Let us know if you want to know anything else about the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Auto Clicker By Polar Free?

Yes! it is a free software currently available for windows operating system only.

What Is Number Of Repeats In AutoClicker By Polar?

Number of repeats is nothing but Number of clicks in this application. Whenever you enter some number in the number of repeats field, it means that the app will place those number of clicks at the selected location.

Can I Get Clicks From Both Left & Right Mouse Button?

Of Course! you can get either the Left / Right mouse buttons or both. While setting up the tool, select which mouse button should work for you in placing the clicks.

How To Create A Macro Using AutoClicker By Polar?

Launch the tool and enter the X and Y Coordinates or select "Pick" option and choose the click location on your computer screen. Assign the Left Click or Right Click to that particular location and tap "Add Position". Likewise, you can add "N" number of small jobs/tasks to the macro and press the Shift+F key to start executing the created macro.

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