Auto Key Clicker – Send Keystrokes / Mouse Clicks @ Desired Rate

Auto Key Clicker is a wonderful automation tool for the Windows PCs. It can send the desired text and mouse clicks at a predefined screen location very easily. The best part is, you can control the rate of the text / clicks delivery. Want to know more before downloading it? let’s read the entire article written for you.

Before going further down, please note that you should be a windows pc user in order to download it. Because, the software is not yet developed for Mac, iOS and Android devices. If you are using Mac, you can download mac auto clicker and android users can download android auto clicker.

Auto Key Clicker Download

Features Of AutoKeyClicker Software

It is a very simple application with a very few features listed below.

  • Set Interval (ms):

The users can set the click interval only in milliseconds and the other time frames are not available. If you are looking for a kind of Speed Auto Clicker, you can prefer this one. Since it allows only milliseconds, you can alter it to as low as you can and as high as you may want for faster / slower clicks.

  • Key Pressed [Your Text Input]:

Key Pressed is the option that you should be careful about. The default key input is “msleft” and of course, you can change it anytime. You may change your input anytime you want, the same will be repeated by the tool when the hotkey is pressed. Looking for a better one? try out the Auto Key Presser tool.

  • Change Hotkeys:

Auto Key Clicker comes with the default hotkeys for both start and stop action. They are Fn + F3 for Start and Fn + F4 for Stop. So, whenever you want the tool to perform it’s action, you can start it by pressing the hotkey for Start and press the stop hotkey to stop the action of the tool.

  • Input Key Codes:

If your input is a text, you can enter it normally in the Key Pressed section. On the other hand, if your input is a mouse button click, you can choose between the Left Mouse Button or Right Mouse button.

What if your input is neither a text nor a mouse click? there comes the logic. Yes, you can preform some gaming shortcuts with this tool. Let’s say that, you want to press Backspace button, you should enter {BS} in the Key Pressed box as your input.

So, whenever you press the start hotkey, backspace button will be pressed for given click interval until you stop it with the stop hotkey. Here is a list of Supported Keys that you can make use of.

Auto Key Clicker Codes

To make it easy for you, we have created a table with the data from which, you can copy the short codes and use them conveniently. Scroll down to the end of the download section to get the table.

Download Auto Key Clicker for Windows 10/8.1/7/11 PC

So far, we have seen all the important features of the tool and now, it’s time for us to witness them practically. In order to do that, you should download the auto key clicker latest version from the below link.

   Download It Here (v1.2.4)

Hit the above button and save the zip file to the desktop location of your windows pc. Once it’s there, you can follow the instructions shared below. On the other hand, you can get it from the official website using this link.

  • Go to the file’s location on your windows pc (desktop or downloads folder).
  • Select the zip file and right click on it to get the options.
  • Hit “Extract Here” or “Extract All” button to unzip the file.

Extract the zip file

  • Once, the file is extracted, double click the application to launch it.

installation warning for auto keyclicker

  • If you come across any pop up window as shown in the above image, hit “X” mark to close it.
  • As soon as you close it, the Auto Key Clicker software will be opened up directly without having to install it.

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Copy Key Codes From The Below Table

ENTER (numpad){ENTER}
F1 through F15{F1} through {F15}

That’s all about the tool, we have shared all the important information about it in this article. In case if you want to know more about it’s usage or anything else, let us know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Auto Clicker for Keys?

Yes! Auto Key Clicker App is designed for the keyboard automation on your windows laptop or pc. The tool will record the keys when pressed and it will repeate the same key presses when you playback the macro. It's a free tool and very easy to use. The best part is you can automate the created macro for multiple times until you stop the presser.

How Do I Make My Keyboard Automatically Press Keys?

Download Key Clicker software from our page and install it on your windows pc. Open the software and tap "Set Key" button and choose which keys have to be pressed when activated. Once set, press the Fn+F3 hotkey to start the key clicker and press the Fn+F4 to stop it.

How Do You Repeat A Key Press?

You can repeat key presses with the Auto KeyClicker software on your windows pc. Choose the keys that you want to repeat for certain time and set the key press interval in milliseconds and start the app with a shortcut key Function Key + F3. That will repeat the key presses for a set key press interval until you stop the software again using the shortcut Function + F4.

How Do I Keep My Shift Key Pressed?

If you want to keep your shift key pressed until you stop it, you can do it with the help of the AutoKeyClicker pc software and it's not available for mac, iOS and android devices. Tap the Set key button and select the Shift Key or press the Shift Key or enter the shorcut key {Shift} in the Key Pressed field.

What Is The Best Auto Key Presser?

There are three tools namely AutoMouser, AutoKeyPresser and Auto Key Clicker. All of them are best in their own ways and the users can download any of them and setup the keys for continous presses under settings.

What Happens If We Press Shift 5 Times While Playing Games?

Pressing shift 5 times while playing games is a bad idea because it will turn on the StickyKeys option your pc. That will definitely distrub your gaming flow and cause unwanted interruptions.

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