Alpha Clicker – Yet Another Automation Tool With Modern UI

Alpha Clicker is yet another click automation tool with modern user interface. The functionalities of this auto clicker might look similar to the other apps but the user interface is never seen anywhere else. It is available for windows operating system only. If you want to download it, continue reading this article.

The current version is Alpha Clicker v1.3.0 which was released on 05, August, 2021. Since then, it has got tremendous attention from the windows users, especially among gamers. A lot of bugs that were reported in the old versions were fixed now and the users can use it without any issues and errors.

alpha clicker

Why Should You Try Out The AlphaClicker?

Below are the features that it holds and reasons for the question why you should start using it right away.

  • The brand new user interface with different colors to each of the available sections to make it look unique to each other.
  • The unwanted sections and headings that were present in the op auto clicker were removed in the alpha clicker software.
  • Change themes every time you want. It has got a good collection of new themes in the latest version.
  • It can repeat the clicks forever or you can repeat the clicks for limited number of times.
  • It is capable of producing the clicks from all mouse buttons and at different locations of the screen. You can either enter the click location in the form of X and Y coordinates or you can place your cursor wherever you want the clicks.

Download Alpha Clicker for Windows 10/11/8.1/7 PC [32 Bit, 64 Bit]

The alpha clicker app doesn’t have a dedicated website but the developer of the software is very active on github. If you go there, you can find all versions of the software. But, there are great chances of getting confused. So, we recommend you download it from the below link itself.

      Download It Here

The app is 246 Kb in size and it’s a standalone software. You do not need to run it as administrator because double clicking the software will run it automatically. So far we have seen the features of the alpha auto clicker which are very similar to the orphamiel auto clicker. If you want some distinct features to create macros, pick any of the tools shared below and read this guide to create macros.

How To Install & Use Alpha Clicker on PC?

Here is a set of guidelines to follow,

  • Double click the alphaclicker.exe software on your personal computer.
  • The app will load it’s contents and you will be able to see a clean and neat UI interface of the app.
  • Hit “Windows Settings” button to explore the extra options such as Dark Mode, Lite Mode and Always On Top options.
  • Choose the type of the button under the Mouse Button section.
  • Enter the Click interval and also configure the Random Click Interval Between the clicks option. Enter the random click interval either in seconds and milliseconds or in combination.
  • When you want to run the software, hit the hotkey “Fn+F6” and the same can be used to stop the clicker.
  • Or else, you may hit the “Blue color Start Button” to start and “Red color Stop Button” to stop the clicker.

That’s how you can use the alpha clicker on your windows pc easily. If you need any special instructions or find it difficult to use it on your own, let us know through the comments below this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Alpha Clicker?

Alpha Clicker is a most stylish auto clicker with beautiful colors and menus with easy to use navigation system.

Where Is AlphaClicker Used?

It is used in various day to day tasks such as data entry, playing online games / offline games, etc.

How To Click Faster With AlphaClicker?

If you want to click faster, make sure to have less click interval. The click interval in alphaclicker is the very first option and we recommend you 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds and less than 100 milliseconds.

How To Change Hotkeys for Start / Stop?

If you want to change the hotkeys for Start and Stop buttons, launch the tool and go to "Change Hotkey" button and tap it to open the settings. Open opened, you can see the current hotkeys, click on them, remove them and enter the new hotkeys and save the changes.

How To Get Continous Clicks Without Any Limitations?

To get the clicks with no limits, head over to Click Type section and select "Repeat Until Stopped" option. Once it is selected, you need to note that the click will keep performing until you stop it with the hotkey Fn + F6.

What Should Be The Random Click Interval Between Clicks?

The random click interval between two clicks can be anything based on your need. Currently, you can enter the values only in seconds / milliseconds and in combination of seconds and milliseconds.

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