How To Fix OP Auto Clicker Not Working While Playing Games

Is Op Auto Clicker Not Working In Game while playing? don’t worry. We are going to explain the methods that help you to fix the issue in under 5 minutes. Wait, do you actually know why it is not working properly?. I assume that you know at least one of the reasons.

fix op auto clicker not working

Not to worry even if you don’t know the cause, we have mentioned some of the common reasons why op auto clicker is not working properly. Let’s check out the short tutorial on How To Refresh A Webpage Automatically.

Why Is My OP Auto Clicker Not Working?

It could be due to one of the following reasons;

  • Outdated version of the OP Auto Clicker
  • May be the game that you are playing doesn’t allow auto clickers
  • You may not have administrator previlieges
  • Misconfiguration of the hotkey settings
  • May be you are using too many clicks with very less click interval time

Those might be the reasons causing op auto clicker not working properly. Let’s now check out the possible fixes for each of the above causes.

How To Fix OP Auto Clicker Not Working In Minecraft, Roblox?

1. Update The Auto Clicker / Install The Latest Version

The issue is due to outdated and old version of the app that you may be using. In such a case, you need to update it to the latest version. One small problem is, the developers won’t provide in-app updates to it. So, you need to re-install it.

op auto clicker error fix

  • Firstly, delete the old version from your computer completely.
  • Then, visit OP Auto Clicker Download Page where we have shared latest version of it.
  • Go to the destination folder where the file is saved.
  • Double click on the file to launch it like you always do.

That will definitely fix your issue if the problem is with the unsupported version of the software.

2. Check The Compatibility Of Auto Clickers With The Games That You Play

Majority of the games allow usage of auto clickers indirectly. So, a lot of people use their favorite auto clicker for playing both online games and offline games. Whenever you start noticing that op auto clicker is not working in roblox or any other game, you should check with the game.

check compatibility of auto clickers with games

  • Visit the home page of the game’s official website.
  • Go to frequently asked questions and look out for any relevant questions to auto clickers.
  • If found, okay! otherwise, contact the authorities of the game to tell about it.
  • In most of the cases, they might not respond.
  • So, you may participate in the forum discussions to know more about the game which is not responding to your auto clicker.

At the end of this article, we have specifially discussed about common issues that are associated with auto clickers when playing roblox and minecraft games.

3. Run The Software As Administrator

In order to install any software on your windows computer, you need to have the admininstrator previliges. If you are a guest user or you don’t have the admin account access, it’s merely impossible to install any software. Follow below tips to be able to run it smoothly.

run op auto clicker as administrator

  • Download the Auto Clicker for your Windows pc from our download page or from the official website.
  • Open the folder or go to the file directly.
  • Select the file and right click on it.
  • Select the option “Run As Administrator” and done.

This will fix the issue in most of the cases. In case not, you need to login to the adminstrator account from the guest account on your personal computer. Then, you can follow the above instructions.

If You Want To Try Out The Other Apps:

4. Do Corrections To Hotkey Settings

Sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly we do mistakes. If you have set the same hotkey to two different macros (scripts or projects) or tasks, you will end up wasting the time. Let’s check out what you need to check now.

correct hotkey settings to fix op auto clicker not working error

  • Launch the auto clicker on your pc.
  • Go to hotkey settings and check what hotkeys you have set for the start and stop.
  • Make sure that you have not set the same hotkey for both of them.
  • Remove any one of them and assign it a different key or a key combination.
  • Try it now again; you will definitely see that the auto clicker is working like a charm.

Since it doesn’t have too many options for the macros and all, you don’t need to worry. Just make sure about the start and stop hotkeys; that’s enough.

5. Control The Time Interval Between Consecutive Clicks

The major reason for op auto clicker not working could be due to heavy number of clicks within short period of time. That will result in your pc lags and frame rate issues as such. Let’s check out the wonderful tips that we have shared below to fix the issue with click interval.

click interval settings to fix op auto clicker error

  • Launch the Auto Clicker app on your windows pc or laptop.
  • Go to the first option “Click Interval”.
  • Make sure that you maintain at least a half second time for the click interval.
  • For that, put 500 milliseconds and test the things again now.
  • If still not working properly, change the time to 600 milliseconds or 700 and so on.

A lot of people are complaining that op auto clicker not working in minecraft and roblox. That is due to the click interval time only, I believe. Test things as instructed in this article and let us know your opinion about this tutorial through the comment box below this page.

How To Fix HotKeys Not Working Issue?

For some people, the hotkeys might not work properly. As a result, they cannot initiate the auto clicker in game which leads to disappointment. Follow the below tips to avoid issues with hotkeys.

op auto clicker hotkey not working

  • Open up the auto clicker software on your personal computer.
  • Go through all the settings that you want to have, in a macro.
  • Tap “Hotkey Settings” and cross check what’s there currently.
  • Since it is not working, you might not have set a hotkey for it.
  • Press any key of your choice and hit “OK” and you are done.

When it comes to hotkey settings, we always recommend you select any key combination that associates with the “Shift” key. Do not use “Fn” combined key because that leads to a confusion. A lot of people directly press the F6 or F5 whatever is opted. But the logic is that you need to click the key in combination with the function key; “Fn+F6” for example.

Keep checking this space for more updates and tutorials like this. Do not forget to post your comments on our FAQ page if you have any. Thank you for reading this guide, see you again with another tutorial.

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