Roblox Auto Clicker Download [Bedwars, Skywars, Pet Simulator X, etc]

Roblox is definitely incomplete without a Roblox Auto Clicker and that’s not only my feeling. It’s the feeling of many roblox gamers irrespective of their age and gender. By using the auto clicker, any gamer can play roblox like they never did it before. If you also want to Download Auto Clicker for Roblox, you must read this post.

We have tried almost all the auto clickers out there in the internet. Some of them are good and some of them are just time wasting. After trying out all the auto clickers for roblox, we have come to a conclusion about one particular software that is, OP Auto Clicker. It is one of the finest Roblox Auto Clicker that everyone loves using.

The biggest advantage associated with it is you won’t get banned for using the auto clicker. Because, it cannot detect any kind of unusual / abnormal click activity if configured right (don’t worry, we will teach you how to configure it).

roblox auto clicker download

By the end of this article, you will be able to Download the OP Auto Clicker for Roblox and setup the software to be able to play Bedwards, Skywars, Pet Simulator X, Da Hood, etc. Take a jump to the download section but before that, we recommend you go through the advantages of using it.

Roblox Auto Clicker Benefits

There are a lot of advantages associated with using auto clicker for roblox. We have discussed some of them, have a look at them if you don’t have an idea.

  • Time Saving

It save a lot of time because it can automate the clicks. Gamer need not to click manually once they setup the auto clicker with kind of settings they want. By the way, check out the Best Settings that will help you get the most out of it.

Having said this, it can deliver up to 1000 clicks per second but yeah, it may not be allowed in the roblox game. So, you need to set the click interval according the click cap of roblox game; 10 to 20 cps.

  • Multi Tasking

By using the op auto clicker for roblox, you don’t need to do everything on your own. You may concentrate on the other tasks such as farming, building, hammering.

However, you will get clicks from the auto clicker once it is activated with the hotkey (default “F6”). Ultimately, you will be able to go forward in the game by clearing all the levels that you wanted to.

  • Hit The Crest Of The Points Table

When you want to score well and be the topper in the points table, you should use the roblox auto clicker. It can help you score points faster than the other players.

Though it requires your concentration on aiming and other things such as farming, building, hammering, etc. Give it a try and be a topper in the scoreboard.

  • Clicks At Multiple Locations Of The Screen

OP Auto Clicker for Roblox allows you select the click points while you setup the software. When you press the hotkey to start the click action, you will be able to get the clicks at all the locations that you have selected at the time of it’s initial setup. You can turn it off by pressing the Stop hotkey when you feel that you have got enough clicks.

  • Completely Safe & Secure

We have seen multiple auto clickers and tried all of them to play the roblox game but majority of them were flagged by the anti virus software. But it is completely safe and passed by most of the anti virus software. It is completely safe and secure to have such a brilliant auto clicker with you for playing your favorite roblox games.

Download OP Auto Clicker for Roblox Bedwars, Skywars, Pet Simulator X, Da Hood

I hope that you have gone through the benefits that we have mentioned above. It’s time to experience all of them on your pc by playing your favorite roblox game with the auto clicker. Check out the detailed instructions that we have shared below. If you still don’t have the roblox pc client, get RobloxPlayer.exe right away.

  1. Go to OP Auto Clicker Download Page and download the most recent version (v3.0).
  2. The file will be saved as an executable file (in .exe format).
  3. Go to the destination (I mean file location) on your pc.
  4. Select the auto clicker file and right click on it.
  5. Select “Run As Administrator” or simply double click the software.

The software will be launched on your pc but there won’t be any shortcuts created on your pc. Whenever you want to use it, you should open the software like this.

How To Use Auto Clicker on Roblox Games?

Let’s say that you want to play Roblox Bedwars on your pc today. For that, you need to have a clear idea about the settings and the gameplay. I won’t leave you alone, don’t worry, go through the below instructions.

op auto clicker for roblox

  • Configure the Click Interval settings before you go to the other options. It is highly recommended to configure this because it decides how fast you want the clicks while playing. Do not put higher than the 100 milliseconds to get faster clicks. Not working? check out How To Fix OP Auto Clicker Not Working Error.
  • In fact, we recommend you to place 1 millliseconds and the other sections such as Hours, Minutes, Seconds as zeros (0). That will bring you the fastest clicks possible. If you want to test the speed before you actually begin playing the game, conduct the CPS Test By Auto Clicker.
  • The next step is to select the Left or Right or Middle Mouse Button to get the clicks from. It is recommended to go with the left mouse button under Click Options.
  • On the other hand, leave “Single” for Click Type.
  • Once you are done with that, it’s time to pick the Click Repeat Options. Enter the number of clicks that you want to have when you launch the auto clicker with a hotkey. Otherwise, you may also select “Repeat Until Stopped” option if you want to get unlimited clicks until you stop the program.
  • Cursor Position should be “Current Location” to get the best output while playing roblox games. Even though there is an option to pick multiple locations through “Record & Playback” it’s not necessary. Because, clicks at multiple locations will be fixed and you cannot change them while playing. There is no guarantee that your opponent will come to those click points on the screen.
  • When you are ready, visit www.roblox.com website and login to your account. Or, launch RobloxPlayer.exe on your windows pc and login with your account details.
  • Pick any game that you want to play and setup things such as animation, weapons, etc.
  • Launch the auto clicker and make sure that the above mentioned settings are configured. Hit the hotkey “Fn + F6” keys from your keyboard to receive the clicks.

With the same auto clicker, you can also play some more popular clicker games mentioned below. Check out the guides and start playing them.

How To Play Roblox Using Speed Auto Clicker?

Here is an another tool which is being widely used by millions of roblox gamers. It may not be a best auto clicker but I am pretty sure that you will enjoy playing all the roblox games like a pro gamer.

  • Go to Speed Auto Clicker’s Download Page on our website.
  • Download the fabi.me version from that page and install it by following the instructions available there.
  • Launch it and go to Click Rate section straightaway.
  • Enter the number of clicks that you want per second. Higher the number faster the clicks from the tool. Make sure to avoid unnecessary lags and screen cuts with higher number of clicks per second.
  • If you want to control the flow of the clicks, you can do it with the help of the “Enable Click Limit” option.
  • Enter the total number of clicks that you want to get from the tool and once the total is reached, the clicker will be stopped from performing the click action.
  • Go to the other settings such as Click Activation Method and Activation Key section and configure them the way you want.

Whenever you want to play any roblox game, just press the activation key and again you need to press the same key to stop the clicker.

How To Play Roblox Games By Using The Max Auto Clicker?

Max auto clicker is a fork of the op auto clicker and we all know that. But the developer of the max has made it look much powerful than the original tool. Here are the instructions for you to make use of the advanced features to play your favorite roblox games.

  • Go to Max Auto Clicker’s Download Page from here and download the app on your pc.
  • Double click the software to launch it and go all the way to the Speed section.
  • Enable “Fast Mode” and adjust the scroller to the left extreme to get the fastest clicks possible.
  • Go to “Click Number” and select the Defined option and enter the total number of clicks that you want the tool to generate for you.
  • Go to Click Location section and select the location for the clicks if you want or else, select the Unlimited option.
  • The default start and stop hotkey is Space. If you want to change it, you can do that by selecting the other key from the drop down menu of the Start / Stop Shortcut.

Once you are ready with whatever settings you wanted to go with, launch the roblox game and press the start hotkey (Space). Try out the other settings as well and enjoy playing the other games too.

By following the above instructions, you can play Roblox Skywars, Pet Simulator X, Royale High, Bloxburg, Jailbreak and Blox Fruits, etc. Have a question? post it on our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Auto Clicker Allowed On Roblox?

There is no official statement from roblox about the fair use of auto clickers as of today. But still, many people are using it without any issues so, we can assume that it's fine to use the auto clickers in roblox.

Is Macro Allowed On Roblox?

It's very clear that macros are against the terms of service of the roblox community. You may get banned for using macros in roblox.

Is Auto Clicker Allowed In Clicker Simulator?

There is no statement about the usage of the auto clickers in clicker simulator but yeah, you can use it but don't over use it.

Is There An Auto Clicker For Roblox Mobile?

Of course, op auto clicker is also avaialable for android devices as an apk file and you can download it from here. You can download and set it up to suite roblox mobile app to play various roblox games with auto clicker on mobile devices.

Why Is AutoClicker Not Working On Roblox?

There could be an issue with the auto clicker that you are currently using. Try playing with some other auto clicker and set it up well to suite your gaming requirements so that it works properly.

Can Roblox Ban You for AutoClicker?

Yes! roblox have all the rights to ban you for using the autoclicker in roblox.

Did Roblox Ban Auto Clicker?

Roblox do not allow the auto clickerss and you may get banned if roblox detects your auto clicker. But don't worry, the roblox auto clicker that we have shared in this article is completely undetectable and safe to use.

What Is The Longest Ban In Roblox?

1 day ban, 3 days ban, 7 days ban and deletion are the type of bans that roblox game has. 1 / 3 / 7 days ban are temporary and may occur if any auto clicker is detected. Whereas the Deletion ban will delete your account and cannot be reopened in future and it may happen if roblox detect any unusual exploitation.

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