The Best Settings Of An Auto Clicker To Get Fastest Clicks

OP Auto Clicker is one of the nicest yet trusted auto clicker software that any gamer would want to have on their pc. It is free and safe software using which you can automate mouse clicks very fast. But if you want to get clicks even faster, you should definitely try out the Recommended Settings. Let’s get started with this article and configure the software the way we’ve explained.

In general, It can deliver the clicks as fast as it can. But in some games, you might want to have fastest clicks in order to be able to crack down the levels and win games. In such a case, you should definitely try out the Best and Fastest Settings that we have shared.

op auto clicker best settings

Auto Clicker’s Best Settings for Windows & Mac Users:

Best settings in the sense, they are not only fast but also reliable. You can try out the below settings in case if you need fast clicks, reliable clicks and clicks at some specific place, etc.

best settings for auto clicker

  • Fastest Settings (Faster Clicks)

Not to forget, in order to get fastest clicks, you pc should have some requirements. Recommended RAM is 8 GB and the processor should be at least Intel i5 Third or Second Generation.

  • Set 0 (zero) Hours, 0 (zero) Minutes, 0 (zero) Seconds and 50 (Fifty) milliseconds as your Click Interval.
  • It means that you will get a click for every 50 milliseconds. You will get 20 clicks per second since 1000 milliseconds is equals to 1 second.
  • If you want even more faster clicks, you should alter the milliseconds from 50 to anything below that to get even more faster clicks.
  • Let’s say for example, you keep 20 milliseconds as your Click Interval and the other sections are 0 (zero). You will get 50 clicks per second.
  • If you want fastest clicks, keep 5 milliseconds as your click interval and leave rest everything as 0 (zero). So, you are going to get 200 clicks per second.

Try fastest settings only if your pc is capable of handling the fastest clicks. Otherwise, you may see lags and it may not work as expected. In such cases, read the article about Guide To Fix Auto Clicker Issues.

  • Best Settings (Widely Used)

When it comes to the reliable clicks; you need to follow the below tips. The auto clicker’s best settings deals with Click Options, Click Repeats, Cursor Position, etc. Let’s go through the guidelines shared below in order to get the best performance from the auto clicker.

  • Select “Left” for Mouse Button under Click Options; to get clicks from your left mouse button. It can be a laptop’s left touch pad button.
  • Don’t go for “Right” mouse button because the right click might not work as expected. It’s because that the right click is always meant for the options to explore. You should not go for right mouse button clicks until and unless you have pre-configured your mouse buttons that you want it to work.
  • On the other hand, it’s not at all recommended to select “Middle” mouse button. Because, they are just useless in my opinion; especially when you are playing games like Roblox, Minecraft and Fortnite, Skyrim, Cookie Clicker, etc.
  • Enter the number of clicks for “Repeat” option under “Click Repeat” settings. This will help you in getting only the specified number of clicks. This is very useful when you are using any weapons in the game. Using excessive clicks will exhaust the bullets, gems and points, health in other words.
  • You may select “Repeat Until Stopped” option if you want to have unlimited clicks. In order to stop the clicks, you should have configured the hotkeys for Start and Stop. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do it manually since you will get the default hotkey F6 for Start and Stop tasks.

We leave cursor position settings and hotkey settings to yourself. Because they both work well when configured based on your game mode, and priorities, etc.

Here are some similar software in which you can try out the above and below settings,

Auto Clicker’s Best Settings for Android Users:

You can try out the below settings on your android device to get clicks in Single Target Mode, Multi Target Mode, etc.

  • First of all, go to the Guide To Install Auto Clicker APK on Android and install it by following the steps we’ve shared.
  • Launch the auto clicker on your android phone or tablet after it’s installation.
  • As soon as you launch it, you will see a notice about the “Accessibility service permission” on your screen.

accept accessibility service permission

  • Hit “Accept” after reading all the information that you see on the screen.
  • Now, it will show you the accessibility settings, click on the app name under More.

turn on accessibility permissions

  • Turn On the Toggle for Auto Clicker and Tap “Allow” whenever you see a question Allow “Auto Clicker” to have full control of your device?.

allow controls now

  • If you want to have a floating shortcut on the screen, Turn on the Toggle for Shortcut option.

floating shortcut of op auto clicker on android

  • Tap “OK” button now and come back to Accessibility Settings > General and tap “Accessbility Menu”.

accessibility menu

  • Now, Toggle On for the Shortcut.

accessibility shortcut on screen

  • Come back to the Auto Clicker on your android device.

Settings of single target mode

  • Hit the “Gear Icon” besides the Single Target Mode to make changes to it.

interval and duration of single target mode

  • The Default Interval is 100 milliseconds; which means that the delay time before executing the next click is 100 milliseconds.
  • You can change it to 5 milliseconds or any other interval of your choice.
  • The Default Duration of the click is 80 milliseconds. Which means that the time taken to execute each click.
  • You may reduce it to anything but we recommend you enter either 50 or 30 milliseconds to get the best clicks.
  • Change Repeat from 12 times to any other number, of your choice to get that many clicks.
  • Moreover, you can ask it to repeat the clicks for the given time duraction under “Repeat for” menu.
  • On the other hand, you can also go for “Repeat Until Stopped” option to receive the continous clicks from the app.

custom settings for single target mode on op

  • Hit “Save” to apply the changes that you’ve made.
  • Now, you will be returned back to the home screen of the app.
  • If you wish to make changes to the Multi Target Mode, hit the “Gear Icon” available next to it.

default multi target mode settings of op

  • In multi target mode, you will get an extra feature “Swipe Duration”. The default value is set to 300 milliseconds but you can change it based on your requirement. Our recommendation is to put 120 milliseconds because you can’t set it lower to that.

swipe duration in multi target mode

  • Set Click Interval to 5 milliseconds, Click Duration to 50 milliseconds and choose the Action Repeat part based on your liking and hit “Save” to apply the changes.
  • Come back to the home screen of the app and hit “Common Settings” section to explore more.

common settings of op auto clicker app

  • Now, you can customize the Size and Transparency of the Target Icon and Menu Bar.
  • Once you are ready to play the game, enable either Single Target Mode or Multi Target Mode and you are good to go.

Those are the best macro settings that you might want to go with when playing your favorite games. If you need any specific settings, you can comment below this article to get help from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Fastest Auto Clicker Ever?

Orphamiel Auto Clicker and Speed Auto Clicker are the fastest auto clicker software till date.

How Do I Make My Mouse Click Super Fast?

When you want to make your mouse click faster, you will have to click repeatedly with your finger at mouse buttons is one way. That will definitely won't help because your mouse life span will come down and you will get finger pains. The other best method is to use an auto clicker app with minimal click interval to get super fast clicks effortlessly.

Is 10 Clicks Per Second Good?

10 clicks per second is good for most of the games while the other games may require faster clicks. It totally depends on your requirement so yeah, it's sufficient for most of the games.

How To Get More Than 20 Clicks Per Second?

When you want more than 20 clicks per second with an auto clicker, reduce the click interval. To do that, open the auto clicker software and make sure that the click interval for Hours / Minutes and Seconds is 0 (zero) and set 1 to 100 milliseconds or anything in between. Alter the click interval in milliseconds, run the clicker and observe the cps rate.

How Do I Get Undetected Mouse Clicks?

Random Offset feature in the orphamiel auto clicker is the only solution to your question. Random offset will have a time interval box where you should enter some number. When you start the clicker, the actual and revised time interval would be around the random offset (+ / -) time interval. That will get you realistic yet fastest and continous clicks that are hard to get detected by most of the games.

How To Click Faster When Playing Games?

When you want to click faster while playing games, you could use the auto clicker app. For even more faster clicks, we recommend you combine any two auto clickers of choice and execute the click action.

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